Kenyans Across the world can now transfer money to Co-operative bank accounts through WordRemit

One of the main reasons why people choose to live abroad isn’t actually because they prefer to but to earn a living from opportunities present away from their home countries and are scarce within their home country. And while looking for opportunities elsewhere can be rewarding, there’s just isn’t enough modes that technology presents us on transferring income back to Kenya either to personal accounts or relatives, and this is where WordRemit comes in. There are of course known ways to transfer cash to other countries and some third parties such as western union presents us with credible modes but unfortunately they don’t take care of everyone with these needs; it’s simple to transfer cash for pick-up from a western union agent in receiving country but transferring to personal accounts could sometimes be a very tedious endeavor.

After joining the bandwagon of best mediums available to send your money back home from a foreign land, WordRemit will now offer Kenyans living in diaspora an efficient way to send their cash directly to Co-operative bank accounts. The service will be available in more than fifty countries and users can either have their cash picked up from over 150 Co-operative bank pick-up locations or deposited directly to their bank accounts. WordRemit cash deposit is currently supported by more than a dozen local banks here in Kenya and it’s interesting to see Co-operative bank finally joining the wagon.

While speaking on the development, Co-operative Bank of Kenya Director Retail Banking Mr. Arthur Muchangi, noted the magnitude this will have on customers living abroad saying the bank was fully committed in partnerships that will give Kenyans abroad the most affordable and secure means of transferring their funds home for domestic support, savings and investment.

On the other hand, WorldRemit’s East and Central Africa Head Sharon Kinyanjui said that Kenyans around the world make WorldRemit their top choice when it comes to sending money home. She also added they were happy to engage with Kenya’s Co-operative Bank a trusted household name with strong ties to the diaspora and a shared commitment to financial inclusion, to further expand their network in the country and make convenient service accessible to all.

How to Deposit cash from abroad into your Kenyan bank account using WorldRemit

By using the WorldRemit app or website, Kenyans in diaspora, can now send money directly to their loved ones’ personal Co-op Bank accounts in over 150 branches. The transfers can be made directly from the senders’ mobile phones, and the receiver can withdraw the funds from a nearby Co-op Bank Agent, ATM or Branch.

Deposit cash to your Kenyan Bank account using WorldRemit (web version)

  • Head over to the WorldRemit website
  • On where it says send to, select Kenya
  • Choose Bank Deposit on the drop down
  • Select the payout network (which should be the bank name)
  • Select “send” followed by currency such as USD and the amount then press on “Send”
  • Total fees will be calculated and shown on the web and the current exchange rate displayed as well.
  • You can then proceed to login or create an account



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