How to get free 5GB data bundle for YouTube Streaming on Safaricom network

Free data bundles hardly come our way for those who are stuck on Safaricom’s mobile network even though the competition has really gone out of its way to appeal to hungry data customers. This has been the case considering most of us find Safaricom’s relatively reliable and fast 4th generation network coupled by the most used mobile money service – Mpesa hard to abandon. While this has been the case, Kenya’s largest technology giant unveiled a reward scheme that will see customers purchasing the All in One Monthly Bundles enjoy additional 5 Gigabytes of YouTube for free, valid for 30 days. Whether it’s just meant to encourage consumers to opt for monthly data plans rather than daily or weekly plans, coming from the mobile subscriber is definitely a big deal.  

Safaricom Subscribers can utilize the free 5 GB data to stream their favorite videos on YouTube right on their mobile phones at any time of the day and their data usage will not be deducted from their monthly bundle. The offer is expected to run up until 5th July 2019.

Speaking on the offer, Safaricom’s Chief Customer Officer Sylvia Mulinge noted that Kenyans were increasingly turning to video consumption on the internet, with music, comedy, news and sports emerging as the most popular online video content in the country. She concluded that to meet this demand, Safaricom was providing its subscribers with additional 5 GB free data to be used on streaming videos from YouTube at any time of the day within a month. She also added that the company was seeking to expand its network countrywide to ensure Kenyans have access to strong, reliable and superfast 4G+ coverage wherever they may be.

While data consumption in the country continue to surge forward, Safaricom has been expanding its network to meet this growing need. On 3rd May 2019 for example, Safaricom announced that it would double its 4G and 4G+ coverage by rolling out extra 2,000 base stations across the country, covering more than 600 towns. According to the company’s statistics, this will bring 4G and 4G+ base stations to about 5,000.

How to get free 5GB data bundle for YouTube Streaming on Safaricom network

Safaricom’s Monthly Bundles which were unveiled on February 2019 allows subscribers to choose a package that bundles all their communication needs (data, voice, SMS) at one, predictable price point. The bundles enable customers to call and text cross all networks at discounted prices.

  • To get free data bundle for YouTube streaming, Safaricom subscribers must purchase any of the following monthly bundles costing; KES 1,000, KES 2,000, KES 3,000, KES 5,000 and KES 10,000

Safaricom’s All in one bundles;

  • 4 GB and 200 minutes for Ksh 1,000 per month
  • 12 GB and 600 minutes for Ksh 2,000 per month
  • 20 GB and 900 minutes for Ksh 3,000 per month
  • 35 GB and 1,500 minutes for Ksh 5,000 per month
  • 50 GB and 3,500 minutes for Ksh 10,000. per month


  1. Please reward me also in the tukiuke bundles so that I can use to acces my online classes this week… Iam 19 years old please award me


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