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How to make a Reverse Call from Telkom to Telkom and let the recipient pay for the call

Just days after Safaricom unveiled the feature, Telkom Kenya has now officially entered the fray with its own reverse call service that lets subscribers within its network request the receiver to incur call charges. Telkom to Telkom reverse call functionality works in a similar manner as to Safaricom but users have to start by dialing “128” instead of “#”. While some might argue that Safaricom were first innovators of the feature, it’s understood that Telkom had the service on its fixed landline booths long time ago only that it worked differently.

Telkom Kenya’s reverse call feature basically transfers the cost incurred on the call to the receiver and is achieved by having the caller add “128” at the beginning of receiver’s phone number. For instance, if you are calling 0770000000 and want to transfer call charges to that number, you’ll need to dial 1280770000000 instead.

How is the Telkom reverse call feature important to customers?

A simple question to answer if you’ve been in a difficult position to make a call for lack of enough credit. While we don’t expect businesses to utilize this feature, it’ll come in handy for subscribers within the same network, either family members or friends.

A customer receiving a reverse call request will see the caller’s details appear on the screen as normal, but once they pick the call, they’ll need to accept the reverse call. The cost of the call will be equivalent to the receiver’s normal call cost.

The service is only available for Telkom Kenya to Telkom Kenya calls and will not be applicable for off-net, roaming and international calls.

How to make a reverse call on Telkom Kenya’s network;

  • First the recipient must have enough airtime for the reverse call
  • Dial recipients number starting with” 128” followed by contact number i.e 1280770000000
  • Receiver must accept the reverse call when prompted to complete the call
  • Otherwise the receiver can reject the at which point the reverse functionality will be denied
  • Call is charged at normal rates just as it would under a normal phone call


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