Canon Unveils ME20F-SHN the latest full HD network camera during the East Africa Com event

After it officially confirmed to participate in this year’s East Africa Com event, we’ve got a taste of what’s in store from Canon– one of many technology corporations that took part in the event. Security companies were presented with one of the company’s latest Full HD multipurpose network camera – the Canon ME20F-SHN that’s been on the market for a while and is notably dated but probably still unknown by many stakeholders. We also got to see a range of Canon’s innovations that span from digital print solutions that enables customers to print and manage their documents in the most efficient, secure and economical manner as well as some of its latest professional broadcasting and security solutions in the imaging industry.

This year’s East Africa Com event is slated to run up until 14th May 2019 in Nairobi. Canon took the opportunity to showcase it’s recent innovations in images, video, security and printing technology segments. During the event, Canon Central and North Africa B2B sales and marketing director Somesh Adukia indicated he was pleased with the company’s participation quoting that the event was strategic for companies in the telecoms, media, broadcasting and technology sectors. He also added that the event posed a great opportunity for them to be in direct contact with customers, allowing discussions on Canon’s products.

Let’s have a look at Canon ME20F-SHN full HD network camera Review

While you’d easily associate Canon with point-to-shoot camera’s, security is a new territory that the company is yet to create a distinguishable reputation, which basically means it has to work extra hard just like any other brand. There are a few highlights that may impress security companies out there or individuals who are rather into do-it-yourself category.

Canon ME20F-SHN Main Features;

  • 2.26megapixels 35mm sensor capable of 1080p recording
  • Canon EF mount with Cinema Lock
  • Built-in ND filters 2 stage: 3 stops, 6 stops, Manual Focus and One-Shot AF
  • Digital Tele Converter: 2x, 3x, and 4x, DIGIC DV 4 Processor, Canon Log and WideDR
  • Sharp, low noise color video in extreme low light
  • Network capable remote configuration and monitoring
  • Supports a wide range of surveillance applications

Canon ME20F-SHN’s full frame 35mm sensor and DIGIC DV 4 processor, are poised to deliver sharp, low noise, Full HD color video in extreme low light conditions. And while a maximum ISO that goes beyond 4 million guarantees that the ME20F-SHN can capture subjects illuminated with less than 0.0005 lux. You’d be amazed how this network camera can deliver detailed footage even in low-light situations by removing the IR cut filter when shooting in infrared mode.

And from what we were able to capture from the event, Canon ME20F-SHN was specially crafted for low light shooting and Full HD color video in almost total darkness plus networking and remote-control capability for critical surveillance applications.


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