Everything you need to know about OPPO A7 before Buying and Price in Kenya

OPPO just loves the mid-range market, and does everything right to keep it that way or at least remain afloat in a highly competitive market, and who’d blame them? While I’m not a big fan of the smartphone maker,sometimes I’m just amazed how android lovers have so much choices to choose from compared to those hooked on Apple’s ecosystem. On a global scale, android devices have been praised to combine functionality and practicality in a premium level product while keeping costs within reach for average consumers. OPPO for example, has added somewhat top end smartphone; the OPPO A7 cutting just where it really doesn’t matter to have an attractive price tag at the same time.

Enough with the obvious, what exactly do you need to know before going for the OPPO A7? Of course the decision solely lies at your discretion,I only provide details to the best of my knowledge. I wouldn’t say the OPPO A7 will give you the ultimate experience. It does have some pros yes, but just like any other smartphone out there, it has flaws as well. If you’re looking for that perfect device you’d brag about for a year or so, add some more cash and get a flagship from Samsung or Apple instead, you wouldn’t go wrong with LG, HTC and Google Pixel as well.    

The OPPO A7 has a specific target segment, in this segment,you wouldn’t find power users neither will you get cash loaded gamers for example. First I’d give it to OPPO for striving to have something that many consumers here in Kenya can afford. It’s currently priced at Ksh. 23,990. In an era that many smartphones strive to have as small bezel as possible, the OPPO A7 does the best job so far, I’d say better than even some flagships. Below the screen,only a small bezel is left and at the top, you’d be amazed to see just a minimal bezel concealing the camera and sensors. OPPO describes the “A” series design as a Water drop screen with premium texture on the back cover. This is because the screen occupies almost all of the A7’s display except for a small droplet shaped notch that conceals sensors and front camera.

OPPO surely has had some success with its A series devices; the new OPPO A7 has had its internals upgraded where it matters. If the previous battery capacity wasn’t sufficient, the A7’s 4230mAh internal battery will prove to be a huge bump. I wouldn’t be excited about big numbers though, in comparison, Apple devices enjoy better battery lives due to software optimizations implemented by the manufacturer.  

I must say I’m impressed with the amount of internal storage users will get from the OPPO A7. Users will be getting 64GB worth of internal space at least for the Kenyan model. We understand a 32GB model will still be sold somewhere globally. RAM is good enough at 3GB for the 32GB model or 4GBfor the 64GB variant. OPPO A7’s front camera has a 16MP sensor while it’s back houses two 13 Megapixels sensor. For a 6.2 inches screen to have 720 x 1520 resolution, you wouldn’t see sharp images compared to devices with QHD resolutions, which by the way has become more or less an industry standard. If you’re planning to hook yourself with the OPPO A7, you’ll be presented with some interesting colors ranging from Glazing Blue, Dazzling Gold and Rose Pink. OPPO A7 is already available at OPPO retail stores here in Kenya for Ksh. 23,990.


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