About time manufacturers emulated Google’s approach to Pixel pricing with Pixel 4a launch

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Google just unleashed its next sequel on the Pixel lineup that had us turn heads when we glanced at the pricing. For USD. 350 (roughly translates to Ksh. 38,000) it’s not cheap by any means especially for average Kenyans, and we don’t expect any official availability here either, but for those of us who like exploring online stores, it’s a no brainer. Rather than going for pricy labels that often leave wealthy consumers in tore while pushing the rest of us to other brands, Google is apparently targeting the masses – just not here in Kenya!

Google like many other android OEM’s has had its tribulations, but it’s the perfect brand some of us go to when we want to feel that sleek un-bloated version of android and the top of class camera performance. It’s the only brand I can comfortably say goes toe to toe with Apple in terms of software and hardware optimization.

But since Pixel devices are yet to officially retail in Kenya, I’m going to compare the approach taken by Google to the one embraced by let’s say Samsung and Apple. And don’t get me wrong I’m all aware of Apple’s cheaper version – the 2020 SE. The reason why I’m really not that into it is the different areas the American tech giant had to sacrifice for the price. I mean it’s a wonderful device mostly, but there are certain elements for example in the next iOS 14 that just don’t work on it such as back tap – more on than from my previous editorial here.

Samsung is expected to preside over its unpacked event this week where it’ll unwrap its next Galaxy Note 20, and somehow, we’ve got used to the Idea of expecting a price tag of well over Ksh. 100,000 that it doesn’t surprise us anymore. The same can be attributed to Apple. From what the latest Pixel is offering compared to other slightly pricier devices from Google is way closer than what someone would imagine.

Samsung has cheaper versions of its galaxy devices, but my point is, there’s a ton of differences between them and Samsung’s pricier alternatives while the same couldn’t be said on Google. Someone once said, he would like to see a hybrid device that takes Samsung’s hardware while running on Google’s lean android like that on Pixels. It’s a plain acknowledgement that indeed there’s quite a lot of value someone would get going for the Pixels than Galaxies.


The Pixel 4a isn’t officially launching in Kenya, but I can confidently say it’ll be on my shopping list once my reliable sources confirm they have it. The phone offers something that we’ll continue pleading with the rest of OEM’s to embrace rather than pushing our pockets to limits with something that’ll probably stay relevant for a year or two.


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