Ever lost or accidentally deleted your precious data? Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home 7.0 promises to recover that information without a hustle.

It’s hard to imagine nowadays just how much we rely on technology for most part in our lives, remember the days of yore when all we needed was a decent capable folder that could contain critical information in hard copy and filed in a storage cabinet alongside other files, well that was fun but it came with dire shortcomings. This resulted in bulky storage cabinets that couldn’t guarantee future proofing and the amount of space occupied by this files wasn’t just tolerable. Today we can smile how just a tiny sized storage media such as an SD card can save otherwise what could’ve been millions of hard-copy files – this essentially eliminated the space factor but unfortunately we still run the risk of losing data either accidentally or by malicious means. This is why you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home 7.0 as a must have tool to mitigate risks we have exposed our data to.

Having used Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home 7.0, I must say; the results are really promising. In the confusion of having lost your precious data and imaging just how you’d live without those photos of your unforgettable moments, this tool could be just what you need. It supports various popular storage devices ranging from hard disks, flash disks, SD cards and much more on the windows platform. Data in modern days could be stored on various devices in soft copy unlike ages ago. It’s quite normal to expect photos taken on a smartphone or a point and shoot camera to be stored on Micro SD and SD cards while data stored on computers to be saved on hard drives; whichever means you’ve saved your data, Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home 7.0 has you covered.

But come to think of it, just how could someone lose data that’s very important such as company files, personal and family photos or multimedia files including videos and audio files? Well in an online world as Microsoft likes to call it, we are all exposed. Like for example, we have viruses to worry about. I remember a while back, my naivety almost got the best of me. I like installing software and repairing computers for my clients and on a certain occasion accidentally formatted his hard drive – as anyone could imagine, I was scared to death – at the moment unfortunately, I didn’t have a reliable tool such as Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home 7.0 that I could use to recover the formatted data. This led to an unhappy client and a stain in my reputation as a technician. Sometimes causes of data loss could be beyond our control; imagine pressing the power button on your PC and being met with the dreaded blue screen of death, something we technician use a fancy name “BSOD” to refer to. Well luckily, at least now we can use this tool to recover this data without a hustle.

How Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home 7.0 works;

  • Assuming you have the storage device that contained lost data, in this case I’m using a flash disk being also the most common and portable device. You’ll need to have Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home 7.0 installed on your PC before we begin.
  • Launch the application and choose from all file types you need to recover or the specific ones such as photos only.
  • Then after clicking on the next button, you’ll need to choose the location of lost data. Assuming you’ve already hooked the flash disk on your PC, only if this is where your data was stored.
  • After you’ve made your selections, click on scan. Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home 7.0 should run the scan and recover deleted which can be previewed once done.
  • Then select files you wish to recover and choose location to save your recovered data.

Just in case you don’t see data you wished to recover after a quick scan, this tool allows you to do a deep scan which is more intensive an can recover more data that a quick scan. Once you’ve scanned your storage device, this tool allows you to search files by name from the entire drive or from a specific folder. As you’d imagine, recovered data is usually not organized. However, Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home provides you with filtered tree option that’s easier when it comes to sorting your data in a particular way.

Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home minimum requirements;

  • At least a windows PC with a Pentium or better processor, windows xp or later, 1GB RAM and 50MB free space.

Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home Limitations;

  • As of now, I have not seen or tested a MAC version
  • As much as we’d wish for the tool to cover all media, it doesn’t support DVD’s and CD’s

Stellar Phoenix Windows data Recovery Home can be purchased and downloaded from the official site here



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