“Tunza Mama” a new Web based application to Aid expectant Mothers access Pre and Post-Natal Care in Kenya unveiled.

Over the years, access to modern internet ready smart devices has had a tremendous growth here in Kenya with major industry players improvising on ways to make use of this advancement. We’ve seen Kenya become a globally recognized leader in the use of mobile based banking system that has entirely transformed the sector, where it’s now possible to pay for utility bills as well as access your cash safely with a mobile phone. Therefore, as the segment continues to enjoy a commendable growth, we can only expect more innovations and increased use of technology in our day to day lives. It’s therefore not surprising that Amref International University and Danone Ecosystem Fund have partnered to unveil ‘Tunza Mama’ – a web based application that’s targeting expectant mothers to aid them access pre and post-natal care.

Tunza Mama Platform will allow women to request the services of independent caregivers who will attend to them on site.  Expectant women will also be sensitized on matters relating to pregnancy and motherhood. On the other hand, all caregivers enrolled on the platform are educated and as such have undergone through training on entrepreneurship and business skills in applied child health and nutrition that’s offered at Amref International University. Caregivers who underwent and completed the training had their fees subsidized by as much as Ksh.25000, so far, the program has produced around 20 caregivers.

On its part, Danone Ecosystem Fund has unveiled 700,000 euros grant for the introduction of the course and subsized fees for around 88 midwives who graduated from the course. Other partners onboard include; Brookside, Merck Pharma, Philips and Aga Khan University.

Danone said Tunza Mama will enable jobless nurses to use their skills in an entrepreneurial way as well as make “what is seen as a very elite service more mainstream.”

“Personalised antenatal and postnatal care is a fast growing preferred service among middle-class women. Tunza Mama will make it easier for women looking for personal and convenient care to access it at a pocket-friendly cost,” said Dr Githinji Gitahi, the Group CEO of Amref Health Africa.

It will cost expectant women between Ksh.4,000 and Ksh.6,000 for consultation per session, and the session will entail advice on complementary feeding, birth preparation classes as well as post-natal care education. As much as post-natal caregivers don’t provide clinical care, but in this case, will offer limited assessment. They will also assist in translating information gynecologists give mothers and provide nutritional expertise which insurers do not pay for. Since the platform was launched, the website has had close to 800 visits as well as inquiries through social media pages. Most of them as young women aged around 25yrs from urban centers that account for the 99 percent. Tunza Mama services can be requested from their website following this link.


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