“Tunza Mama” a new Web based application to Aid expectant Mothers access Pre and Post-Natal Care in Kenya unveiled.


Over the years, Kenya has witnessed a remarkable surge in access to modern internet-ready smart devices, ushering in a new era of technological advancement. This growth has paved the way for innovative solutions, particularly in sectors like banking, where mobile-based systems have revolutionized financial transactions. As the nation embraces this digital transformation, we anticipate further innovations that will continue to enhance our daily lives. In line with this trend, Amref International University and Danone Ecosystem Fund have joined forces to introduce ‘Tunza Mama’ – a web-based application aimed at supporting expectant mothers in accessing crucial pre and post-natal care.

Quick Summary:

  • Kenya experiences a surge in internet-ready smart device adoption, fostering technological advancements.
  • Amref International University and Danone Ecosystem Fund partner to launch Tunza Mama, a platform offering personalized maternal care.
  • The platform connects expectant mothers with trained caregivers for on-site services, coupled with educational support.
  • Tunza Mama addresses the growing demand for personalized antenatal and postnatal care among middle-class women.

Empowering Expectant Mothers with Tunza Mama

Tunza Mama presents a pioneering approach to maternal care, leveraging technology to bridge gaps in access and affordability. At the heart of this initiative lies a commitment to providing expectant mothers with personalized support throughout their pregnancy journey. Through the platform, women can request the services of independent caregivers who offer on-site assistance, ensuring convenience and comfort.

Training and Education

One of the distinguishing features of Tunza Mama is the rigorous training provided to caregivers enrolled on the platform. These individuals undergo comprehensive education in entrepreneurship, business skills, applied child health, and nutrition, courtesy of Amref International University. The program not only equips caregivers with essential knowledge but also empowers them to operate as independent practitioners within their communities.

Financial Support

Recognizing the financial barriers faced by both caregivers and expectant mothers, Danone Ecosystem Fund has stepped in to offer significant grants and subsidies. The fund’s contribution has enabled the training of midwives and caregivers, reducing the financial burden on participants. This collaborative effort highlights the commitment of various stakeholders to promote inclusive healthcare solutions in Kenya.

Affordable and Personalized Care

Tunza Mama seeks to democratize access to personalized maternal care, making it more accessible to a broader segment of the population. By offering consultation sessions at affordable rates, the platform caters to the needs of middle-class women seeking high-quality care. From birth preparation classes to post-natal education, expectant mothers receive comprehensive support tailored to their individual requirements.

Driving Innovation and Inclusion

The launch of Tunza Mama represents a significant milestone in Kenya’s healthcare landscape, where technology intersects with maternal wellness. By harnessing the power of digital platforms, the initiative not only addresses the immediate needs of expectant mothers but also fosters economic empowerment within the healthcare sector. Moreover, partnerships with leading organizations such as Brookside, Merck Pharma, Philips, and Aga Khan University underscore the collective commitment to advancing maternal health outcomes. Tunza Mama services can be requested from their website following this link.

Final Thoughts

Tunza Mama exemplifies the transformative potential of collaborative efforts in addressing pressing healthcare challenges. As the platform gains traction and expands its reach, it holds the promise of improving maternal health outcomes and empowering women across Kenya. By embracing innovation and inclusivity, we can create a future where every expectant mother receives the care and support she deserves. With Tunza Mama leading the way, the journey towards maternal wellness takes a significant stride forward.


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