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    How to Request Loan and get Approved from Okash app

    and just how easy it is to be a Mobile loan apps have grown almost threefold here in Kenya, exerting some pressure on traditional USSD based service providers such as Mshwari and KCB-Mpesa. With the introduction of OKash by Opera Software, there’s no better time to review terms and interests charged on loan applications approved for a short term loan. And as of today, OKash is currently the most popular loan app; at least from statistics of downloads from the Google Play store.

    According to Opera’s Managing Director Eddie Ndichu who was speaking on the tremendous positive response the app has received from Kenyans, he acknowledged presence of enormous demand for short term loans in the market with incentive for earlier repayment which is the model taken by OKash. OKash, alongside M-Pesa, enables users to access small loans for an interest as low as 1 percent per day and a loan term of a maximum of 14 days.

    “We know that there are more than 20 million people in Kenya who use loans actively every day and we want to give them a high-end product with an exceptional user experience to make their life more comfortable when applying for and making payments with loans,” says Mr. Ndichu.

    “The faster a user pays off an active loan, the sooner they can request a new loan. Users with timely and consistent repayment behaviors can apply for a single loan up to 500,000 KES at a total interest of 5 percent,” reads a statement from the company.

    How to Get OKash and Start requesting loans from your mobile phone;

    • Download OKash app from Google Play store.
    • You’ll need to create an account before using the app, and a mobile number is mandatory
    • While at it, personal details such as Names, ID no, Date of Birth, level of education, current monthly income, marital status, employment details, residential status, referees names and mobile number as well as details of any outstanding loans will have to be entered.
    • After you’ve successfully created an account, you can now proceed to request a loan.
    • As one of their conditions, users need to be between age range of 20-55 years.
    • Good luck


    1. Comment:I just cleared paying the loan yet I still can’t get accessed to borrowing again after clearing. what could be the problem? ??

      • Comment:how long to take to approve Sloan or send a feedback??coz I applied yesterday and till I have not got a feedback.

    2. I have applied for a loan and have been told to review my application details which have done severally but no approval, pls assist.

    3. Comment:I have tried to create my account,,,BT they said I’ve not put correct m_pesa number.what can I do now

      • Comment.So okash is full of problems?To hell with okash,.Vile naona watu wakicomplain?!Siezi jiingiza kwa shida naona,,,bye

    4. Hi how long does it take for the loan repayment to be reflected on the app. It also rejected the account number so I entered my mobile number and later received a confirmation of repayment from Ipay…kindly update.

    5. Comment:l paid the overdue loan with okash procedure but have not receive approval confirmation and yet loan is still adding up.

    6. Comment:am a new member am trying to tap “apply loan ” but its not showing anything..what should I do?

    7. Comment:If the loan is good,keep it,up and make,sure that, if someone have applied it,give them the loan they have applied.Do not retain the loan sonmeone have applied.Give him or her.

    8. I have registered and applied for loan,but the last proceess where you click ‘apply for loan’ is not showing so that I may apply.

    9. Comment:why do u ask for ID n person’s photo yet u deny the loan then I am un able to reset…. I’m not comfortable with this o-kash app

    10. i have applied a loan I didn’t get what could be the problem and I have paid for 150 to given 1500/=.please assist me.

    11. Comment:okash u should change tala perfect since I started borrowing its now 2months no feed back talla have lend me twice so big up for talla and branch pull up ur socks okash or change name to nokash ur wasting bundles for nothing mybe confirmation is after new constitution just wait✋✋

    12. Comment:thiefs don’t last where is my 350 I paid on Thursday last week branch have given me 5times talla once kcb countable and they don’t need registering.

    13. Comment:i applied for a loan last week and after verification i was told to wait for 24hrs for the money to be disbursed but i haven’t recieved it yet, whats wrong?

    14. Why i you joking with people proplems yet you dont give out cash.i you trying to joke with our minds mko chini sana

    15. Applied after completing filling registration form but was rejected. Pliz make me understand what went wrong not to be given a loan

    16. I have tried to apply for yours loan and it is not approved yet am trending with tala and branch what’s up guys.

    17. Comment:I have tried to apply for loan but I have not approved wats up guys,, and branch just they offer loans

    18. Comment:okash bure kabisa kwani mtu akiwa quality anatoa nini ili akuwe amequalifire loan silly u guy mnaribia watu tyme of installing the app.

    19. Comment: am daud hussein jimale id no 25929556 and phone 0722549271 i have never get any loan please dont tell us fack apps loan

    20. why is it not working with my Mpesa number , 0757766090 ,,safariçom card and it has been working better with Branch App

    21. Am, Charles njue.i urge from help how I can get loan.from okash.please I improve my business.

    22. Comment:this o kash,i tried several times&quit coz of the mpesa no…not correct,are you guys serious..Tala,kcb &branch i think the best…pliz


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