Tablets: The New Platform for Casino Games, Mobile Revolution Sets New Standards for Slot Gaming

When tablets first came around, many people questioned their usefulness – after all, what use could there be in a such a huge, clunky device that does less than your smartphone and less than your desktop computer or laptop? Over the years, however, tablet computers have become much more appreciated, and many industries are now seeing the value in their wider screens, including the hugely successful online gaming industry.

Reports by statista estimate the online gambling industry to grow to $41.4 billion by the end of this year, and with more regions now allowing for online gambling, the growth is expected to be remain exponential. Online casino operators have continued to grow their selection of games, including everything from slot games to card games, and of course, the traditional roulette, which Intercasino, the first online casino to launch in 1996, explains has always been at the heart of the casino experience. This expansion often means that there’s a slot game for everyone, no matter what kind of slots they wish to play, or what theme attracts them.

For nearly two decades, online casinos have flourished on the web, played on desktop computers, but recently, we’ve begun seeing a trend of roulette games being designed to work with tablets. It’s all thanks to the excellent touch controls afforded by these gadgets – controls that were impossible with the traditional mouse clicking gameplay of desktop computers.

Roulette Royal, which is available for free on both iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, is the perfect example of a roulette game that has made the most of the touch controls of the tablet device. Although it has an auto-spin feature, the app also allows its players to spin the wheel themselves, simulating a real roulette experience that desktop and browser-based casinos can only hope to accomplish. What’s more, the app also has various options for social sharing, and multiplayer support that allows players to challenge other online players at the wheel. These add a whole new level to the traditional slot machine experience, and doesn’t just set Roulette Royale apart from the competition, but sets a new standard for roulette games everywhere.

With so many people now preferring to game on their tablets, casino operators are also starting to pay attention to the platform. With apps like Roulette Royale becoming more popular, there’s a good market for tablet slot games currently, and it’s the perfect time to start investing in roulette games that make full use of the technology afforded by touch screens.


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