Alpha Marvel Smartphone launched in Kenya by Infinix Mobility and Safaricom

Infinix Mobility, a global manufacturer of trendy smartphones, has today introduced the stylish and affordable Alpha Marvel smartphone into the fast-growing smartphone market in Kenya. The new phone will come with 500MB worth of data upon purchase and will be available at all Safaricom outlets across the country. Retailing at Kshs. 29,999, the the state-of-the-art Alpha Marvel is set to be offer more fun, trendy and youthful appeal and compact design to the avid Android lovers. Running on Google operating system Android 4.2.1 Jelly bean, the phone provides premier user and gaming experience driven by Quad-core 1.5 GHz processor with 16GB plus IGB memory. Other features include a 13MP camera and 5MP front-facing camera as well as the Smile shot feature, which automatically captures the best emotions.

While making the announcement, Jean Sebastien Coste, Business Director, Infinix Mobility said: “We are pleased to officially roll out our range of consumer-focused smartphones in Kenya. This is a digitally innovative market, with respect to mobile and internet solutions and we expect that our foray into the Kenyan market, with an appetite for quality smartphones, will yield high returns. In addition, our commitment to challenging the norm in form factor inspired us to design the Alpha Marvel in France.”

He added: “Our partnership with Safaricom, the leading mobile service provider in Kenya, is timely and strategic in an environment that is in need of variety in smartphone offerings. Our phones are aimed at redefining what style-conscious Kenyans can get from a smartphone and will also provide users with a choice of the ultimate mobile devices that suite their needs.”

Kenya has in the recent past been named as a leading market for smartphones in Sub-Saharan Africa, with over 100, 000 smartphones sales in the Kenyan market each month. This growth is attributed to a growing middle class that has increased the uptake of these types of phones. The smartphone market is also expected to double in the next two years in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

Jannet Atika, Safaricom Head of Retail Sales, welcomed the new relationship with Infinix Mobility, saying that Kenyans are set to get the best deal out of the two partners. She further commented: “Our definition of innovation today is technology that wholesomely meets the needs of consumers. This product, with its blend of pocket friendliness and elegance, coupled with fast Internet from Safaricom, will truly resonate with the growing need of smart phone users and also provide them with more browsing benefits.”

To celebrate the Alpha Marvel launch, Infinix will be rolling out a consumer-focused campaign, dubbed “Dream Big”. Consumers will have the opportunity to have their wildest dreams turned to reality through the purchase of the Infinix Alpha Marvel. Winners will be announced through a draw to be announced at a later date.



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