The Infinix Alpha Marvel (X502) Phone Review

Infinix Mobility launched the Infinix Alpha Marvel AKA X502 into the Kenyan market around March 2014. The phone retails for Ksh 30,000 and comes with 500MB worth of Safaricom data if purchased from a Safaricom shop. Alpha Marvel is a mid-range smart phone with the looks and performance of a high end device, below are some of the things that emerged from its review..

Look and Feel

The French, popularly known for their exquisite taste in fashion, made sure not to disappoint when conceptualizing the Alpha marvel. Made in China but designed in France, it has a shiny metallic look that gives it a trendy, stylish yet sophisticated appearance.

The phone takes home the cup for being one of the thinnest smartphones to date. With a 6.98 millimeter thickness, the Alpha Marvel feels good to hold and carry around and is also pretty comfortable due to its light weight nature.

The screen size, 5 inches HD, is also pretty amazing. This is only comparable to most high end smart phones and very few of phones that are in the same range as the Alpha Marvel. The screen makes a memorable experience out of viewing media and taking pictures and videos. The phone comes with a screen protection cover on unboxing the case.

With a Quad-core processor of 1.5 GHz, the phone is relatively fast and provides premier user and gaming experience for the avid Android lover. It runs on Google operating system Android 4.2.1 Jelly bean and has an impressive 16GB plus 1GB memory.

It also takes in quit a lot of apps depending on the preference of the user without slowing down. The phone however comes with a good number of preloaded apps like other phones and you can access more from the Android PlayStore or the Palmplay. The Internet is also really good and 3G connections worked well.

The Alpha Marvel comes with a non-removable 2500mAh which lasts pretty long. The charger also charges remarkably fast. The Alpha Marvel uses a normal sized SIM card which is placed on a sim-tray ejected using a pin and inserted on the right. The power button is on the left, right below the volume button.


Again, the Alpha Marvel beats most of its peers in the mid-range smart phone market hands down when it comes to the camera features. The phone has a whopping 13 megapixel camera rear camera and an equally impressive 5 megapixel front one. In this age of the selfie craze, this will sure come in handy.


This is a pretty amazing phone considering one has to part with only Ksh 30,000 plus 500MB of data. It provides an admirable experience and earns one respect from peers due to its elegant look.

The X502 also comes with a Carlcare app since Infinix devices are serviced by Carlcare and it is covered by warranty for 365 days.



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