HTC One Mini 2 gets the Official nod, How to get it in Kenya

Just looking at Kenya’s social market places on major platforms including facebook, clearly shows a growing love for HTC branded devices. I am a big fan myself, in fact HTC has remained my preferred choice for reasons no one else could understand better. Just visit on facebook to any market place such as Soko ya Facebook profile and you’d be amazed just how Kenyans are longing to get hold of those HTC One’s. I remember when I listed my used HTC Windows Phone 8x on a local classifieds website, how I received several offers on the same that made me wonder where Kenyans are getting HTC’s appetite. The device maker is best known for an outstanding design coupled with brilliance in software innovation as well as hardware. I must say the launch of the initial HTC One Mini was quite thrilling given my preferences, I have actually enjoyed having one around but as people say ‘it’s time to move on’ and I just got the best replacement; HTC One Mini 2.

The latest HTC One Mini 2 comes with some pleasant upgrades for those who’ve been stuck on its predecessor, it has a pleasantly bigger screen; from 4.3inches to 4.5inches as well as the ability to support an external Micro SD card – my best of all the upgrades. With the previous One Mini, users were stuck on the available 16GB internal storage without the option to expand. I’d easily agree that was kind of a pain in the a** if you intend to have numerous apps or want to install several games on your device. For those who’d love to taste or have the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature available in their country, HTC One Mini 2 comes with it underneath. In Kenya particularly, Equity Bank plans on rolling out a mobile based payments platform that utilizes NFC in completing this transactions, the HTC One Mini 2 is an obvious option. Both cameras on the latest Mini 2 are by far more powerful than its predecessor; unlike One Mini’s 4.0 Megapixels, the HTC One Mini 2 comes with a whopping 13 Megapixels worth of snapping power. The secondary sensor has also been upgraded from 1.3 Megapixels to 5 Megapixels.

So how can you get hold of the HTC One Mini 2 if you are living in Kenya? The first option would be waiting until it’s launched locally; however, we all know this might take forever. The next and probably preferred option for those who have families abroad would be asking them to buy and later ship it to them. But my most effective alternative would be just shipping the damn phone from an online store. Once the device comes up for pre-order, it’ll be a golden chance to ship one or just wait until its available then place an order. I’ve had good experiences with both eBay and Amazon. We’re yet to estimate HTC One Mini 2’s pricing or when it may be available in Kenya.



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