Epson Enters SureColor SC-F2000, a direct-to-garment t-shirt printer

Epson has decided to expand its portfolio by introducing a direct-to-garment t-shirt printer in a bid that is aimed at small and medium enterprises; the move will see Epson diversify the target market through its SureColor SC-F2000 printer. Traditionally, most printers are specifically made for no other purposes apart from paper printing with only special ones such as SureColor SC-F2000 in this case reserved to cater for special prints. The global printing market is growing fast with anticipation of hitting over SH24 billion by 2014; the introduction of SureColor SC-F2000 direct-to-garment t-shirt printer is therefore timely. The printer comes with several revenue generating features that are beneficial to both small and medium enterprises.

SureColor SC-F2000 printer has low maintenance and running costs at the same time maintaining its high-performance ability enabling businesses to offer a new t-shirt and print service efficiently. According to Epson Regional Sales Manager Mukesh Bector, online t-shirt shops, production t-shirt printers and even corporate users will benefit from the SC-F2000, as its ink is crack resistant and is soft against skin. Users can configure the system to suit their needs by choosing from two sets of CMYK ink for white garments or CMYK with up to four white inks for coloured garments.

“The printer we are introducing to market is bundled with Epson’s garment creator software which includes a cost calculation function that allows users to estimate the print cost by calculating the amount and cost of the ink used for each print job. This can be beneficial if you want to set a tax rate or discount. This design software enables designers to unleash their creativity and easily produce customised, eye-catching designs on t-shirts, caps and bags up to 25mm thick,” he said. Unique to the industry, this is the first system where a print-head, ink and chassis have been designed and manufactured by a single brand. The hardware and ink are designed to work together and users benefit from the reliability and high-quality output that Epson is renowned for.

Mukesh noted that as well as enjoying the new revenue stream, uses are assured that Epson has applied its years of print knowledge and know-how to deliver an eco-friendly device that excels in performance and delivers low running costs. Featuring Epson’s durable TFP printhead, the SC-F2000 is capable of printing a single white t-shirt in 27 seconds when using dual colour mode and a dark coloured t-shirt in 111 seconds, using white and colour ink, so production is quick without sacrificing print quality.

When used in conjunction with Epson’s UltraChrome DG Ink (available in 250 or 600ml cartridges), the SureColor SC-F2000 excels on dark fabric, because it’s white ink is tough. The white ink is circulated within the system and has been designed to reduce clogging, which increases productivity, allowing deadlines to be met consistently.

The SC-F2000 offers a resolution of up to 1440x1440dpi for accurate dot shape and placement, while its wide colour gamut produces vibrant colours, sharp contours and smooth gradations. Despite its ability to create a lasting visual impact, Epson’s UltraChrome DG ink is kind to those it comes into contact with. The eco-friendly ink has been awarded a part certification from Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, which means it doesn’t contain any harmful substrates. The SureColor SC-F2000 will be available for purchase as from next month.

SureColor SC-F2000 Printer’s Main Features

  • Fastest T-shirt prints – fastest mode capable of printing in 27seconds
  • Comes with both White Ink mode and Dual color depending on set-up
  • Onboard is a Platen 14 x16 inches (355x406mm) with frame
  • Full front operation with a colour LCD panel
  • Low maintenance cost, Low ink consumption
  • Can print on thick media up to 25mm
  • TFP print-head
  • CMYKW 5-colour UltraChrome DG inks supplied in 250 or 600ml cartridges
  • Wide colour gamut
  • Certified part Oeko-Tex® Standard2
  • Pre-treatment kit is available, which includes rollers and 20L of pre-treatment liquid for roughly 3,000 t-shirts
  • Different size platen enabling correct fit depending on t-shirt size and print area (small: 10×12 inches (254x305mm), medium:  14 x16 inches (355x406mm), large: 16×20 inches (406x508mm)


  1. ineed that epson printer how can i get it i am in kenya nairobi city
    Epson Enters SureColor SC-F2000, a direct-to-garment t-shirt printer


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