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EB-W16SK Epson’s First Passive 3D Projector now in Kenya

Epson – a recognized global maker of top notch projectors has some special news for Kenyans, the availability of it’s first twin-stacked passive 3D projector system in Kenya is now official. it’s not the type of news you’d expect every Kenyan to be anxious about but for several reasons, museums, schools, exhibitions and the hospitality industry will find this development soothing to their side. We’ve seen projectors out there with decent specs on paper but hardly effective in reality; it’s a phenomenon you’d not expect on this machine given it  offers a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), is compatible with any 3D signal format and ensures audiences of all sizes can enjoy bright, vivid 3D projection.

If that doesn’t help, how about this –  Epson EB-W16SK is the only locally available 3D passive projector that’s also compatible with all 3D signal formats: side-by-side, top-and-bottom, frame packing and frame sequential. What that implies in brief is that you’d have  the flexibility to display the widest range of 3D content available.

There are two individual projector units on Epson EB-W16SK , stacked together in a specially-designed way. And like most modern gadgets, there’s a USB port present on this device that’s used to connect both projectors using the supplied polarizing plates that are attached to each lens. Images projected from both overlaid projects are automatically aligned electronically on to a silver screen that’s of course not included inside it’s sale package – you’ll have to buy it separately, the result is a dramatically reduced set up time.

No worry about the out put image quality as Epson uses it’s 3LCD technology that’s famous on reproducing a wide color gamut to create natural, vibrant images; ideal for applications such as science lessons and art exhibitions.  You’ll experience equally high White and Color Light Output of 3,000 lumens on both projectors for bright 3D images in a variety of ambient light settings.

This projector system comes with one pair of polarized 3D glasses for bright three-dimensional content and, thanks to their low costs, offers an affordable 3D experience with low TCO.

Mukesh Bector, Regional Sales Manager for East Africa, says: “This is our first ever twin-stacked passive 3D projection system and we’ve made sure that audiences of all sizes will be able to enjoy bright, vibrant 3D content. Using a combination of passive 3D technology and affordable glasses, the Epson EB-W16SK offers users a low TCO, and is ideal for environments where large groups want to enjoy 3D content.”

The EB-W16SK is available from January 2013


  • EB-W16SK is Epson’s first twin-stacked passive 3D projector system
  • Capable of achieving bright large-screen projection
  • 3LCD technology produces brilliant image quality
  • Both projectors are capable of  high White and Color Light Output
  • Full support for all 3D signal formats (side-by-side; top-and-bottom; frame packing and frame sequential) a feature that separates EB-W16SK from close rivals
  • Two 3,000 lumens projectors stacked together
  • Supplied polarising plates for each projector lens
  • Polarised 3D glasses – one pair included
  • Easily align the 3D projection image with automatic projector alignment setting
  • Vertical and horizontal keystone correction


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