Epson Introduces L355 and L550 Printers with iPrint and E-mail Functionality

Epson L355 and L550 printers that allow users – print documents directly from their mobile devices are now locally available. In part of the company’s strategy to expand its mobile and cloud computing services for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, all its workforce pro printers being launched globally have both mobile and cloud printing capabilities. The company’s latest move to unveil L355 and L550 printers in the East African market gives users additional features; both printers have iprint and e-mail print features alongside three in one and four in one capabilities; the latter being fax, copy, scan and print respectively. Besides the usual features you’d find on a typical printer, L355 and L550 comes with iPrint app for the latest iOS and Android devices.

The iPrint app for iOS and android mobile platforms can be downloaded and connected to a wifi enabled printer – users can then print-out a wide range of content from photos, documents to recipes, coupons and web pages. On the other hand, the e-mail feature gives users more flexibility in accessing the printer – it can initiate print-outs by simply sending an email from your smartphone to a compatible printer, users on the move can easily check their email inboxes for attachments such as documents, presentations and print the same on their Epson printers in any location. Meanwhile, over 105 Epson-branded printer models worldwide have the iPrint capability which allows them to print documents directly from their mobile devices. These printers are shipped with iPrint software onboard – making it possible to connect with iOS and Android based devices over a wifi network without having to install additional software, drivers or cables.

Speaking during the launch of the two printers, Epson’s Regional Sales Manager for East Africa Mukesh Bector said iPrint support is an important part of the company’s commitment to make mobile printing more convenient and productive. “Epson’s widespread support of iPrint demonstrates our global leadership and commitment to providing customers with easy printing solutions that meet their evolving mobile business and personal lifestyle,” said Mukesh.

“We recognized some time ago that mobile printing wasn’t just a novel idea, it was a necessary requirement for both sharing memories and mobile productivity in a rapidly changing digital marketplace. As smartphone momentum continues to grow, Epson will continue to lead the development of various innovative mobile digital imaging solutions,” he added.

Other Epson products in the market that support iPrint functionalities include Epson Stylus PX730WD and Epson Stylus BX635FWD.

In recent years, increasing numbers of people have used smartphones and tablets to send electronic mail, browse web pages, and create presentations and documents. According to Mukesh, it has been difficult for users to print out their work because mobile devices have not been equipped with a printer driver. “The widespread use of these devices has also increased demand for printing services for people on the go who want to print documents when they are outside the office or the home,” he said.

Besides android and iOS, Epson printers are expected to support more mobile platforms in future. By supporting these solutions, the company hopes to provide a platform for customers to print out documents regardless of their location, and without a printer driver. Epson L355 and L550 printers are not only affordable and iPrint compatible but provide a unique opportunity to users who’d like to scan their documents using a tablet or a smartphone. It also enables them to preview and print Microsoft Office documents directly from the cloud using advanced printing options and wirelessly scan and save files from a nearby Epson printer.

Other revolutionary technologies being employed by the company include Epson Scan to Cloud, EPSON Remote Print, Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. Epson Scan to Cloud allows consumers to use their printer to scan and share document or photo by emailing right from the printer. EPSON Connect-enabled printers allow users to store their emails or account information for easy access right from their printer´s control panel.

EPSON Remote Print on the other hand enables users to print to an EPSON email-enabled printer anywhere in the world right from their computer or laptop. Since Remote Print works with any Windows® software, users can streamline their productivity without worrying about formatting or fonts.

AirPrint makes it simple to print emails, photos, web pages and documents straight from an iPad or iPhone. There’s no software to download, no drivers to install and no cables to connect as the Apple device automatically connects to AirPrint-enabled EPSON printers. Google Cloud Print allows for print on-the-go from a smartphone or tablet using a Gmail or Google Docs account.


  1. The iprint app is ok to print photos, but as already stated by Kazim you cannot print e-mails from an iPad. Very dissapointing, common Epson get your act together !!

  2. My laptop has been hit with a “No RANSOM” I cannot even switch it on. Where does Epson L550 store my scanned documents and is it possible to retrieve them from another laptop?


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