How to Use Safaricom’s Sambaza Internet Service

Sharing airtime credit with friends and colleagues was such an awesome innovation by mobile service providers in the country; it brought the much hoped-for flexibility in transferring airtime between different Sim cards within the same network, and of course, we’re still waiting for the day when the service will be available across networks. Beyond just slicing part of your airtime balance to other Sim cards, Safaricom officially unveiled Sambaza Internet-a service that will see subscribers transfer part of their data bundles to other lines within the same network. As you may reckon, it sounds like a cool idea; in fact, it is a cool idea and it’ll be within reasonable criticisms to question why the service wasn’t there in the first place. Sambaza Internet is both available via USSD, online and via text message option – whether you’re using a USB modem or your cell phone.

And here comes some restrictions folks – just like any other service out there; to start with, the minimum data bundle you can share is capped at 5MB, which essentially means you can forget about this service if your data balance if below the specified 5MB threshold; in fact, with less than 10mb data, this service is irrelevant as you’ll notice later in this post. But if you’re in abundance of data, you can transfer as much as 2GB in a day at a maximum of 1.5GB per request-a subscriber can request for Sambaza Internet up to 5 times in a day. For any amount of data that you’ll be transferring, you must retain at least 5mb as the balance after the request; for example, if you have 20mb data, you must factor in the pre-requisite 5mb ‘after-balance’ and can therefore only transfer less than 15mb, hence the irrelevance of this service in case of 10mb or lesser data.

How to Share Data Bundles via Sambaza Internet Service

i. USSD Method
• Dial *544# on your phone and press the call button
• Choose ‘Sambaza Internet’ option by entering the correct matching number
• Enter the amount of data you intent to transfer
• Put the mobile number you intent to share with
ii. Text Message Option
• Send a text with data amount in MB’s to 450
• i.e. to transfer 100mb, write a text message in the following format: 100*0722000000 and send to 450
iii. Online option
• Visit :
Bundles acquired through promotions and daily internet is not eligible for the Sambaza Internet service.



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