Nokia X2-02 Dual SIM Phone Ft. Fm Recorder & Transmitter Inside

Nokia has introduced yet another feature-phone topping up its X2 family variant sibling with some of the flourished features such as a swappable dual SIM capability. The handset maker has previously been criticized for favoring its fast becoming unpopular Symbian OS with little regard to state of the art operating systems such as Android and Windows Phone software. Looking at it differently, it is in some way beneficial revenue-wise for Nokia to let such low-end devices hung around while major industry players are striving to capture lucrative positions in the high-end market segment. Nokia X2-02 is a fine device compared to its predecessor variants featuring additional functionalities though at the same low price. The main selling point for Nokia X2-02 is its dual SIM capability which allows two SIM cards to be active at the same instance with the second SIM being hot swappable via a slot on the side.

The dual SIM feature on Nokia X2-02 is further enhanced by a built in SIM manager which is able to support up to 5 different SIM cards. It has a 2.2inch (240×320 pixels) LCD, QVGA display panel and a 2.0MP camera at its rear. At its introductory offer price tag, Nokia X2-02 is expected to attract more consumers looking for a feature-phone but are limited by their budget; it comes with some serious specifications such as MP3 player, MicroSD support and Bluetooth for a phone in its genre. One of the flourished features distinguishing Nokia X2-02 from its variant siblings is an inbuilt FM transmitter, to allow users play music from their favorite FM stations on a car audio system, stereo system or even on another phone that has an inbuilt FM receiver. Another unique feature is the FM antenna which is enclosed into the back cover to eliminate the need for a headphone antennae witnessed on its siblings.
Although Nokia X2-02 operates on 2.5G network platform, it comes with Nokia’s latest web browser known for optimizing web pages over slow links. Completing its list of essential applications is the support for social networking especially facebook and twitter plus the capability to send and receive instant messages. Despite not being a smart phone, Nokia X2-02 is compatible with most java powered applications such as Games and other apps, so you don’t miss-out on your favorite games. Before I forget, Nokia X2-02 can support a MicroSD card of up to 32GB.
Nokia X2-02 Features/Specifications;
  • Series 40 UI Symbian software
  • Dual SIM capability
  • 2.2inch (240×320 pixels) LCD, QVGA screen
  • FM Radio Receiver, recorder and Transmitter
  • Up to 32GB MicroSD card support
  • Inbuilt SIM Manager
  • 2.0MP Camera
Nokia X2-02 Price in Kenya: Kshs.7000


  1. I like your page,,, cos you have given the full specifications,,, but I would really want to have one of those X2 02

  2. Comment: I am at Maua and in serious need of Nokia x202. how can I get it,and what’s it’s current prize please?


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