Nokia 108 and Nokia 108 Dual SIM are both Ultra-affordable Camera Phone

We’ve seen pricier flagship devices enter the market in the past few weeks; apparently, it’s not only the top tier segment that’s experiencing new additions. Nokia has introduced what looks like an exceptionally affordable Nokia 108 feature phone with a primary snapper onboard. Nokia 108 is deemed as one of the best contender for persons intending to buy their first-ever camera phone with a limited budget, it’s one of those phones that’ll let you snap photos of your mates and family and at the same time record simple videos at a stunningly rock-bottom price tag. Nokia 108 presents a perfect example where decent specs and affordable price tag can co-exist.

Beyond a primary snapper found at the phone’s back, Nokia 108 has some decent smartphone grade additions onboard such as Bluetooth connectivity and support for an external MicroSD card of up to 32GB – that will see users carry along their important music tracks, photos, videos and applications without straining the limited internal memory. It has a built-in MP3 player that will handle all of your cherished mp3 files as well as an FM receiver to keep you in touch with latest news and other content from your favorite FM stations. Shots taken with its VGA camera are far below those you’d get on pricier devices in terms of quality except in this case pricing is Nokia 108’s major stronghold. In addition, the handset has Nokia’s typical snake game onboard just in case and a decent battery life that is said to last up to 31days on standby when using the single SIM version and slightly less if you go with Nokia 108 Dual SIM.

The Nokia 108 feels cheap with its plastic casing although Nokia was able to spice-it-up a little more with softly rounded corners and raised island keys, making it a pleasure to use. It’ll be available in Nokia’s signature red, white, black, yellow and cyan, the colorful back covers are also removable. Nokia 108 doesn’t have much to offer but the price tag is definitely on its side which changes the entire game when comparing with other segments favorites. According to Nokia’s executive vice president Timo Toikkanen, the company will continue to connect millions of people including those who have been out of touch with the mobile world. It’s one thing to own a phone and a totally different scenario if that handset can shoot photos at almost no additional price like Nokia 108.

Both Nokia 108 and Nokia 108 Dual SIM have a recommended retail price of just 29 USD, excluding taxes and subsidies. Available colors include red, white and black at launch, with yellow and cyan to follow. The Nokia 108 and the Nokia 108 Dual SIM are expected to start shipping in Q4 this year. The phone is expected to hit Kenyan retail stores anytime soon for around KES2,500.


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