Avast Mobile Security Application for Android Devices

The longtime developer for windows antivirus software has finally decided to venture into the Android market segment, Avast has put to rest rumors circulating about its intentions in the Android industry after unveiling avast mobile security application aimed at protecting users against virus and theft as well as safeguarding their privacy. Avast mobile security comes amidst yet another similar application ‘AVG Antivirus’ targeting smart phones and tablets running on Android operating system. Virus attack alongside other malicious attempts to compromise personal data online have traditionally been associated with windows software; however, it’s not the case anymore, especially after Google open-sourced its Android operating system; as a result, countless applications have been developed to enhance Android smart devices, as well as for malicious gain.

As much as there are genuine Android application developers out there, other programming experts engage in creating malicious software aimed at compromising your device’s security, privacy of personal data and normal functioning of your smart phone/tablet via virus attack. Although Avast Mobile Security is currently in BETA but available for public download, the application is anticipated to reduce vulnerabilities exposed on your device through automated virus scans and infected ulrs alerts. Viruses spread in quite a number of ways; however, most infections occur by visiting infected sites. Previously, I strongly recommended using AVG Antivirus to secure your smart device against viruses; I can only hope that Avast mobile security application will replicate its Windows reputation on Android platform. Apparently, avast mobile security also lets users install firewalls on rooted Android phones as well as setting up anti-theft protection on their devices which can be controlled remotely using SMS command.
The remote controlled anti-theft feature is a plus, especially if your smart phone has been stolen; users are able to wipe it clean by deleting its history, activate a siren or track it using GPS and do audio monitoring. On top of that, avast mobile security Android application lets users rename it, making it harder for potential thieves to locate and remove it. Its success is attributed to IT Agents, a company previously associated with ‘theft aware’ before its acquisition by Avast back in September. Avast promised to integrate it in its upcoming software which has been re-branded and unveiled to the public for free.
Avast Mobile Security Android App. Features;
·        Automated Antivirus Scans
·        Privacy reports
·        SMS and call filters
·        Built in firewalls for rooted phones
·        Anti-theft protection features: Siren, Phone history deletion, GPS tracking
·        Remote controlled SMS commands
·        Avast mobile security lets users rename it
·        Advanced root support and web interface to be available early 2012


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