‘Exfoliate’ Android Application Erases Your Facebook History

In the midst of current facebook hacks which have compromised the security and essence of social networking especially on facebook, android application developers have come up with various applications intended to aid facebook users to remove invalid information from their profiles. One of such applications is ‘Exfoliate’, developed by Michael Devine; apparently, ‘Exfoliate’ can be used to erase timeline history form your facebook account up a specified period on android platform. In the case of recent facebook hacks which left millions of accounts flooded with adult content, Exfoliate app can be implemented to delete facebook wall posts, likes, comments including posts left on friends’ walls thereby limiting the extend of attack. With regard to the above description, ‘Exfoliate’ is very effective in managing damage control rather than preventing an attack.

Apart from managing an attack, ‘Exfoliate’ can as well be utilized to eliminate incriminating content from one’s facebook account as is the case for many business men, politicians or even ignorant users. Since facebook has grown into a fully fledged global social network, there are several instances when content posted over time by users can be used against them such as in employment. ‘Exfoliate’ application aids users in clearing such content whether in anticipation for these scenarios or just to clear their history; however by looking at it rationally, there isn’t any reason why you would need to retain history of your posts, comments or likes since your friends will barely see them after a substantial amount of time has elapsed. Previous posts and intricate connections among facebook users can also render them vulnerable to hacks as it is the case now leaving their profiles flooded by inappropriate material; in fact, various reports indicate that affected users may have clicked on spam links in their news feed, message inboxes or personal chats.
Exfoliate application currently retails for only $3 and is exclusive for android platforms though intomobile intents to extend its compatibility to include iOS operating system used on apple devices. Although facebook users may receive ‘Exfoliate’ with gratitude, it’s a complete nightmare for facebook owners. The social network depends on users clicking on everything they like and blurting out all of their random thoughts to determine the advertising which can serve them better; in fact, facebook has showed off its future redesign depicting user’s walls as a ‘Timeline’. If the application is enabled, users may configure it to delete facebook wall posts, likes, comments and posts left on friend’s walls that are older than a user’s specified time.


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