Airtel/Orange Kenya/Safaricom Micro Sim Cards for iPads and iPhones

Fitting a regular GSM Sim card on your iPhone or iPad can be a daunting task without the necessary knowledge. Micro/3FF Sim cards are no different from regular GSM cards except for their smaller sizes; in fact, if carefully trimmed to the size of a Micro/3FF Sim card, regular Cards can equally be used on an iPad or iPhone. Sim cards have evolved from once expensive chips associated with elites in our society to a common card often given away freely by mobile service providers in an effort to woo more subscribers to their networks. Unlike regular Sim cards, Micro Sim cards were introduced with the sole responsibility of catering for data needs on various devices such as iPhones, iPads, watches and cameras. Data consumption has so far infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives ranging from computers, TV’s and even DVD players.

In Kenya, there are four major GSM mobile service providers which include; Orange/Telkom Kenya, Airtel, Safaricom and Yu mobile. Apart from the three, Orange/Telkom Kenya also offers CDMA cards using the Telkom brand name. Since Orange Kenya currently enjoys exclusive rights to retail Apple products including iPads and iPhones within the country, it’s only typical for them to have Micro/3FF Sim cards for these devices. Most consumers around the globe have been thrilled by Apple products especially its latest iPhone 4S; however, the question I imagine Kenyans are anxious to ask is how to hack these iPhones and iPads to accept regular Sim cards, well the answer is far from the question itself, you don’t hack the device, you fix the Sim card. 3FF/Micro Sim cards compatible to these devices can be found at various customer care outlets of the respective service providers, alternatively, users can opt calling their service provider’s customer care agents to get detailed information through 100
Airtel, Orange and Safaricom Micro Sim cards are easily accessible by visiting any of their customer care outlets countrywide; on the other hand, incase your service provider doesn’t have a Micro Sim for iPhones and iPads, there is no need to worry as the regular GSM Sim cards can be cut to the size and serve as a micro Sim card. The cutting process must be done carefully to attain the Micro Sim card measurement; 12mm x 15mm as opposed to 15mm x 25mm on regular cards. Since ordinary cards which are bulkier in size are electronically similar to 3FF cards, you can carefully cut them into a much smaller and mint fresh Micro Sim card within an instance.


  1. Wonderful post! Although i wouldn’t advise anyone to go cutting their sim-cards rather, if you can afford yourself a devise that requires a micro sim card, its only 100sh. to replace your regular sim with a micro sim from your carrier.

    Keep up the good work on this 😀


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