Tecno’s T-4 Series Supports 4 Sim Cards Simultaneously

In what is deemed as the most aggressive campaign ever, a Chinese manufacturer Tecno mobile plans on introducing a Quad handset that supports all major networks in Kenya, (4 mobile service providers to be precise) simultaneously. This development was officially made public during the launch of Tecno T6 series in the country, the manufacturer has of lately embarked on an aggressive campaign targeting both print media and broadcast media with every intention of exploiting the available potential on the African continent. It should be noted that Chinese manufacturers are increasingly targeting the African continent by offering their products at extremely lower prices compared to European counterparts; you’ll be thrilled at the pricing of Tecno mobile phones with respect to their features and functionality.

At less than Kshs.5000, consumers can part away with smart phones capable of offering HD experience and 3G connectivity support; on the other hand, these features are available on products priced at 60 times higher from known industry players such as Samsung, Nokia, LG and Sony Ericsson. It’s anticipated the mobile phones market segment will undergo a major twist once Techno makes its 4 Sim handsets available to the general public; apparently, subscribers will stay connected to all networks with just a single handset and can switch around the operators without necessarily replacing the Sim cards. Tecno’s T4 series mobile phones will enable subscribers in Kenya get the best deals from mobile service providers without changing Sim cards; its very unlikely any where in the world to get different service providers offering similar features, offers, reliability and services, in order to get the best deals from these providers, consumers tend to have Sim cards from each and use them where the deal is better.

In Kenya for instance, subscribers on Airtel mobile enjoy making voice calls at low rates but are limited when it comes to its internet connection speeds, on the other hand, Safaricom and Telkom Kenya offers faster internet connection speeds at 21Mbps with Safaricom recording the highest voice call tariffs in the country and Airtel boasts of quality voice calls in the industry. In order to enjoy low telephony service rates, smart consumers often choose to have different Sim cards from different providers with specific functions in mind, Tecno’s T-4 Series mobile handsets allows subscribes to have up to 4 different Sim cards active on their handsets at the same instance thereby allowing them to utilize strongholds of these providers. To make it even interesting, the handset is slated to retail between Kshs.2000 and Kshs.4000 falling in the low end genre of handsets currently available in the country.


  1. please the 3rd and 4th sim are not functioning.when i inset the simcard it says not sim not inserted
    what should i do.thanks and hope to hear from you.

  2. I became interested when I saw the new Tecno 6 and after checking I found it wonderful. I hope it would be good like the other Tecno products in the market

  3. Is your Mobile phone Tecno T4 available in nairobi cause I am in Madagascar and I have a friend in AIR MADAGASCAR who can buy it for me.
    Many thanks


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