Facebook Virus/Accounts Hacked

Emerging reports indicate several facebook accounts have been compromised by unknown individuals with no clear agenda. Over the past couple of days, facebook users have been exposed to generally inappropriate content ranging from graphics to video clips depicting violent scenes, adult material and or virus links supposedly posted by their friends. Since the problem was reported a few days back, it has escalated dramatically to affect overwhelming accounts where users are seeing inappropriate content on their news feed of which they supposedly liked and or their friends are also complaining of receiving overwhelming requests to click on links to videos sending out spam messages and tagged photos making people believe they are in the link. This kind of scenario is familiar among facebook users; however, it has escalated dramatically to the point of appearing as if it was planned.

As of now, several facebook accounts have been hacked and it’s not clear yet what led to their vulnerability i.e. if users were required to click on links at some point for the virus to start spreading or if indeed it’s an actual attack within the source code. Personally, I haven’t seen any suspicious activity on my facebook wall but have come across the affected accounts; in fact, in some instances, facebook users have been subjected to bitter accusations from their friends for undermining the essence of social networking without knowing exactly the cause for their rage. It’s only obvious that affected users threatened to close their accounts yet are not willing to part with services they get from facebook. According to the Christian post which pioneered existence of this problem, some facebook users whose accounts had been compromised complained of fearing to access their news feed in presence of someone.
Although there are obvious ways in which your facebook account may be compromised such as accidental click on malicious links or forgetting to log out on a public computer; this time round, most affected users just found their accounts hacked. To determine how your facebook account was compromised, the process can only bear fruit by carefully examining your profile in this case its not realistic considering to the over 10million accounts hacked; however, there is some advice to stay safe;
  • Change your facebook password: to maintain the effectiveness of password security, users are required to change their passwords often. Passwords can be compromised through some phising scams especially on facebook look alike websites that often request users to log in using their facebook details. Apparently, their main target is to get your password, this is the most common scam to date and many users are still falling victims. Consider also revising your password for other services.
  • Remove unauthorized facebook applications: for those who have had facebook accounts for along time are familiar with many rogue applications. Applications generally require certain permissions to your account which can be modified later or may not. Rogue applications may be installed accidentally or users tricked into installing them. The bet cure in this case is to remove all facebook applications that you may deem suspicious.
  • Use security software and run a virus scan. Malware programs such as keylogger, Trojan or other virus can compromise your facebook account. Its advisable to use programs such as Microsoft security essentials, malwarebytes, avira and avast or sophor for mac users  to remove viruses


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