Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11 Gets Dissected and Compared

Despite Toshiba being in the PC business for a while now, there are several flaws as well as strongholds associated with its devices compared to other brands in the industry; Toshiba’s Satellite series have dominated PC market segment ranging from low-end devices to high-end laptops. We’ve tried to analyze both strongholds and flaws associated with Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11 without prejudice of favor; it boasts of a 15.6 inch display panel featuring TruBrite technology, it’s the same screen size utilized by Samsung NP-RF511-S03. Both Samsung and Toshiba are currently enjoying a significant market share in production of high-tech products with Samsung taking lead in mobile devices while Toshiba slightly edging in production of computing devices; in addition, both manufacturers have introduced variant products ranging from high-end to low-end devices

Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11’s 15.6 inch LCD display panel is capable of up to 1366×768 pixels resolution and is powered by a 1.6GHz Dual core AMD C-50 accelerated processor. You’ll also enjoy 3GB worth of DDR3 RAM on Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11 which is half the size in Samsung NP-RF511-S03. In addition, Samsung NP-RF511-SO3 enjoys a larger 640GB hard drive capacity compared to Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11’s 320GB storage capacity. It’s obvious, Samsung NP-RF511-SO3 enjoys a slight edge over Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11 in terms of features and specifications; however, the later obtains un-disputable leverage over its competitor when it comes to pricing. When deciding to purchase a laptop for whatever reasons, there are several factors to determine which device best suits your requirements, pricing is always a factor except for those who have abundant resources at their disposal; Toshiba has so far been very aggressive in terms of marketing by offering consumers several options to choose from depending on their expenditure plans.
The manufacturer ought to get his due recognition when it comes to designing its products and Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11 laptop is a physical example; it features a Trax textured finish in deep black with an exception of its face which is covered by a smooth black plastic. In addition, it houses 2 USB ports, audio jacks VGA output and 10/100 Ethernet port on the sides and a complete keyboard set with numeric keypad. Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11 also comes with 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth to cater for your wireless connectivity needs and a 6cell lithium ion rechargeable battery.
Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11 Features/Specifications;
  • 1.6GHz Dual core AMD C-50 accelerated processor
  • 15.6 inch (1366×768 pixels) LCD display screen featuring TruBrite technology
  • 3GB RAM, 320GB hard drive capacity
  • 2 USB Ports, Audio Jacks, VGA output 10/100 Ethernet port
  • 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth
  • 6cell Lithium ion battery
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
  • AMD Radeon HD Graphics
  • Dual Layer DVD+/-RW, Webcam
Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11 Price in Kenya: $600


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