Motorola XT531 Android Smart Phone

Motorola Mobility Inc. seems to consider budget depressed geeks out there with passion for Android operating system and reasonable performance experience; the manufacture has unveiled XT531 budget friendly smart phone targeting consumers with a limited expenditure plan but in love with Google’s software. Android operating system is gaining widespread popularity around the globe overtaking former giant platforms such as iOS, as of now, only Symbian based platform is standing on Android’s way after latest survey revealed the OS had overtaken Apple’s iOS to become the second most popular operating system for mobile devices after Symbian. The new Motorola XT531 smart phone utilizes Moto switch user interface technology to allow users change seamlessly between available modes creating a unique setup depending on what users are doing.

Personalization is one of the vital elements that enhance overall user experience, Motorola XT531 provides a simple to understand user interface for users to customize according to their tastes. Just like other known popular brands in mid-range genre from major industry players such as LG Univa E510, Motorola XT531 houses a 5.0-Megapixel digital camera equipped with autofocus and flash to produce crisp clear and vivid images, in addition, it has a front facing camera essentially for video chatting needs. Motorola XT531 and LG Univa E510 seem to have a lot in common, more than just same megapixel camera and similar Android operating system; they both have a 3.5 inch HVGA capacitive multitouch display screen, XT531’s screen is brighter producing to class images. Despite the two models sharing same megapixel camera, Motorola XT531 boasts of dual cameras that enhances and guarantees vivid video capture experience.
Motorola XT531 is powered by 800MHz processor and runs on Android v2.3 Gingerbread operating system; actually, you won’t be challenged by gadget geeks out there for proclaiming the XT531’s and LG Univa E510’s unusual resemblance in terms of features and functionality, both are newcomers with similar megapixel camera, processor speed, Android operating system and 512MB RAM. You’ll also appreciate its support for up to 32GB MicroSD card and 3G network offering DL7.2Mbps/UL384Mbps on HSDPA. The only identifiable difference between Motorola XT531 and its LG counterpart lies in their design, it boasts of a slim sleek design.
Motorola XT531 Features/Specifications;
  • Android v2.3 Gingerbread operating system
  • 800MHz processor speed
  • 5.0-Megapixel cameras, Additional front facing camera
  • 3.5 inch HVGA capacitive multitouch display screen
  • 3G; DL7.2Mbps/UL384Mbps
  • Support MicroSD card up to 32GB
Motorola XT531 Price in Kenya:


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