Gateway NV55S05u Laptop with AMD Llano Based Parts

Since the introduction of Gateway NV55S05u, the device has gained a commendable popularity among other devices in its genre coupled by the fact that it’s the first laptop from the manufacture to utilize AMD’s latest fusion APUs commonly referred to as Llano. It’s categorized among budget laptops in the industry considering its relatively low price tag; however, it has a solid performance with capabilities to handle just about any task as efficiently as most high-end laptops would. AMD powered devices are known to lag behind in terms of performance compared to their Intel counterparts and Gateway NV55S05u is not an exception; although this laptop boasts of a solid performance when handling average daily tasks, it’s very unlikely it would outperform an Intel based peer with similar hardware configuration. Budget limited shoppers with thirst for a solid performance will find Gateway NV55S05u laptop very ideal.

It features a 15.6 inch display screen at 1366×768 pixels of which is consistent with most devices in its genre such as Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11; however, if you need a higher screen resolution for maximum viewing experience, consider topping up your current budget for a more sophisticated device. Gateway NV55S05u is powered by a 1.5GHz processor and houses three 2.0 USB Ports with no room for a 3.0 or eSATA USB port; 3.0 USB technology offers fast data transfer speeds estimated to be more than ten times that of 2.0 USB technology. Unlike its peers from Lenovo falling in the same genre, Gateway NV55S05u lacks modern wireless technologies such as wireless display 2 (WiDi 2.0) and WiMAX; however, the manufacturer remembered to cater for network needs by integrating both WiFi and Ethernet. As expected from most laptops in the industry, Gateway NV55S05u features a HDMI and VGA video outputs cementing the element of desktop replacement. In addition, it houses a multimedia card reader and a webcam to tackle your video chatting needs.
Unlike Toshiba Satellite C650D-BT4N11 which has a 320GB hard drive; Gateway NV55S05u doubles up with a massive 640GB internal hard disk storage capacity and 6GB worth of RAM double that of Toshiba’s. In addition, the manufacturer included a comfortable keyboard featuring chiclet styled keys which are slightly raised to offer an exclusive typing experience. On top of the above, Gateway NV55S05u’s keyboard also houses a full set of numeric keypad. You’ll also enjoy the power of AMD’s Radeon HD Graphics 6620g card capable of producing excellent graphics.
 Gateway NV55S05u Features/Specifications;
  • 1.5GHz AMD A8-3500M Processor
  • 640GB hard drive, 6GB RAM
  • 15.6 inch (1366×768 pixels) display screen
  • AMD’s latest fusion APUs ‘Llano’
  • 3 2.0 USB Ports, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Ethernet
  • HDMI and VGA video output
  • DVD+/-RW, Webcam
Gateway NV55S05u Price in Kenya: $ 579.99


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