Viewsonic V350 Dual Sim Android Smart Phone

After several months of waiting, consumers will now have an opportunity to explore the new Viewsonic V350 dual Sim Android smart phone after the manufacturer indicated plans to make it available soon. The device boasts of having capability to run two separate Sim cards on different 3G networks sparking a new revolution in the industry. After Viewsonic V350 was initially uncovered to the public, it has under gone several design transformations such as the panel which lost its rounded edges and the back which now looks totally different than before. It is presumed Viewsonic carried out the transformations in an effort to make the device look unique classy and elegant as it was when it appeared in a pre-release form; in fact, most anxious consumers termed the device to be suspicious considering its rare 3G Android dual Sim genre.

Despite a modest 600MHz Qualcomm processor, Viewsonic V350 is expected to catch the attention of more consumers interested in its rare Android dual Sim capability with support for two different 3G networks at the same time. On the lighter note, Viewsonic V350 has a 512MB of RAM capacity to boost the processor performance thereby minimizing any occurrence of lags. In addition, it houses a medium sized 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen capable of 320×480 pixels; the screen size is deemed not to be the smallest or the biggest in the industry putting Viewsonic V350 dual Sim Android phone right in the middle. It houses a 5.0-Megapixel rear camera supported by auto-focus to enrich your photography experience. 3rd Generation technology (3G) is known to offer fast internet connection speed compared to 2G networks and Viewsonic V350’s support for 2 Sim cards on two different 3G networks comes as a plus.
In recent times, Android software has become popular than any other operating system run on smart phone devices; Viewsonic V350 runs on Android v2.2 Froyo operating system which has so far countless supported applications downloadable from an extensive Android market. It is anticipated that in a market flooded with smart phones posing similar features and specifications, Viewsonic V350 is bound to stand out with its unique dual Sim technology and prove a solid alternative for those who find its features impressive. You can actually use this device to run a business phone number and a personal phone number on two different 3G networks simultaneously.
Viewsonic V350 dual Sim Android smart phone Features/Specifications;
·        Android v2.2 Froyo operating system
·        600MHz Qualcomm msm7227 Processor
·        3.5 inch Capacitive touch screen
·        Dual Sim technology
·        3G enabled
·        5.0-Megapixel camera
·        512MB RAM
·        Support external MicroSD card up to 32GB
·        3D UI
Viewsonic V350 Price in Kenya:


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