Kodak EasyShare M590 Digital Camera (RED)

Kodak has so far excelled as a recognizable force in the photography industry providing various solutions ranging from digital cameras to photo finishing services. The introduction of Kodak EasyShare M590 digital camera has ever since sparked mixed reactions from consumers ranging from its performance to design; it boasts as one of the worlds thinnest 5x optical zoom digital camera in comparison to similar devices in its genre. Equipped with 14-megapixels, Kodak EasyShare M590 camera produces eye catching images supporting up to 30×40 inches; on top of that, 14-megapixels maintains image quality up to a reasonable level even if they are cropped or enlarged. The most amazing feature on Kodak EasyShare M590 camera is its ability to automatically adjust settings by analyzing the scene courtesy of the intelligent scene detection technology.

Over the past years, Kodak has recorded a significant success in the photography industry providing a wide array of stylish feature rich digital cameras at amazingly affordable prices, Kodak EasyShare M590 digital camera seems to have been introduced at the perfect time solidifying Kodak’s presence in the industry. Unlike other digital cameras which move their lens in and out while zooming, Kodak EasyShare M590 digital camera houses an internal folded-optics lens ensuring the camera zooms without moving lens in and out to capture stunning images. One of the features regarded compulsory for a quality digital camera, is the sharing options; Kodak EasyShare M590 digital camera houses a share button enhanced by Kodak’s share button application to upload and share files on YouTube, Orkut, Facebook, Flickr or even tag files to Kodak’s gallery.
If you are concerned about Kodak EasyShare M590’s HD support, worry no more; this device guarantees stunning HD images in 16:9 format and brilliant HD quality video clips with sound and on-camera editing. In addition, it comes with face detection technology ensuring you don’t miss those smiling faces since it automatically locates the face and adjusts appropriately. Kodak EasyShare M590 camera has an internal storage capacity of 64MB which is expandable with MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards so you don’t miss anything due to lack of enough memory. On the downer side though, Kodak EasyShare M590 has a very slow shoot to shoot chromatic aberration underpowered flash.
Kodak EasyShare M590 Digital Camera Features/Specifications;
  • 2.1 inch LCD display panel
  • Face detection technology
  • 14-megapixels capable of up to 30×40 inch images
  • Share button enhanced by Kodak’s share button application
  • Kodak’s smart capture feature identifies scene and adjusts settings accordingly
  • True HD quality images and videos with brilliant detail
  • Support multimedia slide shows
  • High ISO enables capturing stunning detailed images in low lighting conditions
  • 64MB internal storage capacity expandable by MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards
Kodak EasyShare M590 Digital Camera Price in Kenya: $199.95


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