Samsung Infuse SGH-1997 4G Smart Phone

Samsung Infuse 4G smart phone comes with a super Amoled capacitive touch screen that presents superior visibility quality even in direct sunlight and boasts of being among thinnest 4G smart phones ever produced. If you prefer watching movies and TV shows, then Samsung Infuse SGH-1997 best suits your needs considering its exclusive access to Samsung’s media hub.

 Looking at storage options for Samsung Infuse SGH-1997, this smart phone is further enhanced by a 2GB MicroSD card that comes inclusive in the package. And to spicy up your experience of Samsung Infuse SGH-1997 4G, the inclusive 2GB memory card comes pre-loaded with hottest movie trailers. Samsung Infuse SGH-1997 4G produces excellent color coupled with unmatched sound  quality to offer superior videos and TV shows that comes to life when watched via SGH-1997 4G smart phone.
After observing Samsung Infuse SGH-1997 keenly, I must point out its distinct thin design making this 4G device so far the thinnest 4G smart phone I’ve ever come across. Apart from its sleek and fashionable design, Samsung Infuse SGH-1997 allows users to TV shows and movie clips with up to 4 other separate devices. Samsung Infuse SGH-1997 4G has a lot to brag about apart from its 8.99mm thin fashionable design such as 4G capabilities presenting enormous internet connection speed able to stream live video clips without experiencing any time lags due to buffering.
Samsung Infuse SGH-1997 4G Smart Phone Feature/Specifications;
  • 1.2GHz processor that loads applications without any significant time lag. The powerful processor speed makes Samsung Infuse 4G best for multitasking.
  • 4G enabled. 4G actually refers to LTE technology which offers fast internet connection speed ten times faster than current 3G networks. With 4G you can download HD videos within minutes to your Samsung Infuse SGH-1997 4G device.
  • Thinnest 4G smart phone providing a distinct fashionable identity.
  • 4.5inch super Amoled display panel featuring Plus Touch Screen technology
  • Samsung Infuse is well equipped dual cameras; 8.0mega-pixel rear camera with led flash and an additional 1.3mega-pixel front camera taking care of your video calling needs.
  • Android Operating system which has an extensive applications market to choose from.
Samsung Infuse SGH-1997 Price in Kenya: not available, Global: $599.99


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