Samsung SGH-1510 Droid Charge 4G Smart Phone

Described as a premium smart phone capable of delivering impressive download speed on 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, Samsung SGH-1510 Droid Charge offers superior internet connection which is ten times faster than current 3G networks. Performance is always achieved by engine; in this case processor, Samsung SGH-1510 Droid Charge has a 1GHz processor offering enough speed for multitasking such as listening to music while browsing the web.

Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is superior to currently used 3G and 2G networks; therefore it’s expected that most service providers will soon exploit and upgrade their networks to offer 4G services. I can then confidently point out that Samsung SGH-1510 Droid Charge 4G smart phone is worth investing in. Samsung must have had a thing on slim designs considering Samsung Infuse and now Samsung Droid Charge which boasts of a slim stylish design making it stand out from other bulky smart phones.
Considering its slim stylish design that makes it easily fit in your pocket and suitable for jogging and other activities, Samsung Droid Charge SGH-1510 ensures you stay entertained with your favorite music tracks. The Droid Charge SGH-1510 features a 4.3inch super Amoled plus touch screen that produces vivid colors and brilliant details coupled with richer contrast and brightness making images look more true to life.
Samsung SGH-1510 Droid Charge 4G smart pone supports 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology offering super fast internet connection speed compared to 3G and 2G networks; in fact HD movies can be downloaded on your SGH-1510 device within minutes.
Samsung SGH-1510 Droid Charge 4G Smart Phone Features/Specifications;
  • 4.3 super Amoled display screen featuring plus touch screen technology.
  • Samsung SGH-1510 Droid Charge has a 1GHz Processor that loads applications instantly and best handles multitasking.
  • Slim stylish design best for jogging and other exercises
  • Samsung SGH-1510 Droid Charge runs on Android 2.2 operating system that has countless available applications
  • Supports an external MicroSD card of up to 32GB
Samsung SGH-1510 Droid Charge 4G Smart Phone price in Kenya: not available, Global Price: $599.99.


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