Multichoice (Dstv) Unveils Drifta Dongle in Kenya

Latest developments in the fast becoming competitive pay TV market segment in Kenya took a new twist after Dstv launched Drifta Mobile dongle in the country. Pay TV service provision in Kenya has emerged as one of the most lucrative business opportunity yet to be fully explored; there are less than three service providers on different platforms that have so far created an impression to consumers in the country; Dstv, Smart TV and Zuku TV. Dstv is currently the largest pay TV service provider in Kenya and in Africa at large with millions of subscribers who rely on their satellite signal provision.

Unlike Smart TV which relies on digital terrestrial broadcasting (currently available only in Nairobi) Dstv is able to transmit their signals via satellites to almost any location. Apparently, digital mobile television Kenya (DMTV) and Multichoice Kenya (Dstv) have partnered to launch a Drifta mobile dongle in Kenya. Drifta mobile dongle will enable Dstv subscribers to watch their favorite channels on personal computers and other mobile devices; it utilizes Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld (DVBH) technology to receive DVB-H Signals which are later converted to WiFi allowing devices such as personal computers, laptops and smart phones to receive channel on Dstv bouquet.
Dstv mobile has been in Kenya for a while mainly in Mombasa and Nairobi where it partnered with mobile service providers to enable subscribers pay through their networks. Smart TV is a new comer in the market; however, they have made a considerable progress since their inception in Kenya, on the other hand, Zuku TV appears to be a major drive force making Dstv have sleepless nights. Unlike Smart TV Kenya which is tied to KBC’s platform, Zuku TV appears to have engaged various platforms including Fibre Optic and Satellite to distribute pay TV services to their subscribers.
For subscribers to use Drifta mobile Dongle as of now they need to at least have Apple devices such as iphone, ipad and ipod running iOS 4.0 and higher. If you have a notebook, laptop or computer, you may as well use Drifta mobile dongle to receive Dstv channels provided they are running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. I mean how cool is that; to receive full Dstv channels without necessarily acquiring a satellite dish?
Dstv service via Drifta Mobile Dongle;
  • Available in Mombasa and Nairobi
  • Drifta mobile dongle (Drifta 1) for PC’s and Laptops Price in Kenya: Kshs.7,000
  • Drifta mobile dongle (Drifta 2) for mobile devices Price in Kenya: Kshs.10,999
  • Dstv subscription price via Drifta mobile min: Kshs.240 Max: Ksh.1000
  • Dstv Drifta mobile free bouquet channels: KTN, KBC, NTV,



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