Airtel Money Pesa Point ATM Withdrawals

Innovation and success in the mobile phone money transfer services in Kenya such as Mpesa and Airtel money continue to elicit mixed reactions from analysts who find it hard to predict the future of the service. There are both advantages and disadvantages associated with mobile phone money transfer services; however, it’s expected that future innovations will limit risks associated with the service making it more efficient and reliable compared to other services in its genre. Airtel must have realized the fortunes Safaricom enjoy from its mobile money transfer service after it decided to aggressively campaign for its Airtel Money service.

Let’s face it; if subscribers needed a safe way to keep their money, there already exists banks which can provide this service efficiently, the essence of mobile phone money transfer services is to pay for bills, buy goods and withdraw cash anywhere regardless of the time or day. Recent linking of Airtel money service with a vast network of Pesa Point ATM machines is a good gesture from Airtel in its effort to bring its service closer to the subscribers. Although there has been fraud cases associated with Mpesa (Kenya’s leading mobile money transfer service) via ATM machines such as Pesa Point where unscrupulous individuals bait subscribers and withdraw their cash from ATM machines, I am sure Airtel money is heading on the right direction.
Withdrawing money from Airtel Money account via Pesa Point ATM
In order for Airtel Money customers to withdraw from Pesa Point ATM machines, they need first to locate a nearest Pesa Point ATM and proceed the transactions accordingly.
  • On your phone menu, select Airtel money and select withdraw money
  • Select from ATM
  • Enter Agent number as PESAPOINT
  • Enter the amount you intend to withdraw
  • Type in your PIN
  • Under the reference number, LEAVE BLANK
  • You will receive a subsequent authorization pin code on your phone as a text message that you will use on the Pesa Point ATM Machine
  • Enter the authorization PIN code on Pesa Point ATM and follow the procedure to complete the process.


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