Huawei U8650 Sonic, Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Since I am in the mood of giving credit to Huawei budget smart phones, I don’t intent to make Huawei U8650 Sonic an exception. Let me elaborate more by first pointing out a low price tag placed on Huawei U8650 Sonic despite its reasonable list of features. Justso you know, any disadvantages experienced on Huawei U8650 Sonic with regard to its price structure will be put in the open; correction, I am not in the business of promoting Huawei but Huawei U8650 Sonic is simply the best.

I wouldn’t dwell much on the design of Huawei U8650 Sonic which is not that impressive but standard considering a $188 price label; in fact, it has some of the best features such as the latest Android v2.3 Gingerbread operating system. The material used to make Huawei U8650 Sonic is mainly plastic with a chrome band wrapping around the edge. It has a 3.5inch capacitive touch screen just wide enough to let you type text comfortably.
Huawei U8650 Sonic runs the latest version of Android Gingerbread software of which I consider a plus to its low price tag. A modest 600MHz processor and a limited 256MB RAM is capable of multitasking applications on your Huawei U8650 Sonic without experiencing any performance delays. Say what, if you intent to run heavy applications on Huawei U8650 Sonic, you may as well consider increasing your budget and get a suitable handset.
Huawei U8650 Sonic Smart Phone Features/Specifications;
  • 600MHz Qualcomm Processor. As I’ve stated earlier, if you intent to run heavy applications on Huawei U8650 Sonic you may consider increasing your budget to get a suitable handset; however, Huawei U8650 Sonic can handle most applications including multitasking.
  • Android v2.3 Gingerbread operating system
  • Huawei U8650 Sonic has a 3.2mega-pixel digital camera
  • 3.5inch capacitive display touch screen
  • It supports 3G networks to offer fast internet connection speed superior to 2G network
  • WiFi and Bluetooth to establish wireless connections with other devices and to the internet.
Huawei U8650 Sonic Smart Phone Price in Kenya: $188


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