GOtv Kenya Bouquet Channels

GOtv Set top boxGOtv Kenya offers a total of 35 great TV channels ranging from lifestyle, Documentary, Kids to Series; you only need to have a decoder costing Kshs.3,399 including 2 months GOtv Plus subscription to receive the flourished channels. In order to continue enjoying GOtv Kenya channels, you’ll be required to subscribe to a monthly plan of Kshs.849 (Gotv Plus Bouquet, 32 channels) or (Gotv Bouquet, 21 channels) , of course after your initial 2 months subscription expires. Those who are not within Nairobi will however not be able to enjoy GOtv services until after the provider has obtained and set up frequencies in their areas; unlike Dstv which uses satellite transmission, GOtv operates on Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT) platform. The new pay TV service from Multichoice in partnership with KBC operates on Digital Terrestrial Transmission platform that guarantees clear channel reception with additional functionality contrary to current analogue platform.

GOtv Kenya Bouquet Channels;
  • KTN: Kenya’s authoritative news and entertainment channel airing TV programs ranging from News, Dramas, Sports and Series. KTN is a free to air channel.
  • MagicWorld: Magic World is a variety channel packaged with programming covering local productions in the sport, movies and series genres.
  • KBC: Kenya Broadcasting Corporation is a state owned channel airing popular TV programs ranging from Sports, Series, Dramas and News.
  • AfricaMagic+: an entertainment channel covering local African productions such as movies and series.
  • Channel O: A dedicated music channel covering all music genres ranging from classics to latest debuts.
  • E! Entertainment: Provides true stories of Hollywood such as celebrity gossip, reality-based programming and entertainment news. Shows include; Chelsea Lately, The Soup, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
  • eTV Africa. General entertainment channel with exclusive top of the hour Africa news. It airs comedies such as How I met your mother and my name is earl
  • Select Sport: A sports channel airing major sporting events and tournaments.
  • Discovery World: Discovery World offers an experience of the very best factual programming from around the globe
  • Disney Junior: Airs 25min standard length programs interspersed by 5m Music
  • STYLE: Fashion and Style programming channel
  • One Gospel: Gospel Music video television channel for the African continent.
  • TBN: A Christian Channel airing both gospel music and Christian teachings
  • DayStar: Christian faith based television channel for today’s generation.
  • Citizen: A local free to air general Entertainment channel based in Kenya.
  • Aljazeera: A 24hour authoritative Global News channel based in Malaysia.
  • NTV: AFree to air general entertainment channel owned by Nation Media Group
  • Africa Magic Swahili: Local content programming channel airing shows in Kiswahili.
  • K24: A dedicated free to air 24hour local news channel based in Kenya
  • Nickelodeon: Television channel owned by MTV suitable for 7-17 aged children
  • Sony Max: Airs a mix of Hindi Movies and cricket based programs for viewers.
  • ZNBC: A free to air channel.

GOtv Plus Kenya Bouquet Channels (Kshs.849)

Beyond the ordinary Gotv channels listed above, Subscribers can now add Kshs.250 to their normal budget and enjoy 4 more channels on Gotv Plus Bouquet.Gotv Plus additional channels include;

  • SuperSport Blitz: Television channel usually on Dstv Bouquets that airs live sporting events
  • Nat Geo Wild: Air Nature programs such as animals.
  • Mtv Base: Music channel with a mix of popular shows such as Pimp my Ride, Boiling Point and celebrity cribs.
  • Islam Channel: A religious Islamic Channel.
  • Blackbelt TV: Martial arts focused channel that airs 24 hr fights series and movies
  • M-Net Movies Zone: Recent and latest in Dramas, Series and comedies
  • SuperSport Select 1: Sports Channel that airs some of the European football leagues including Laliga, EPL and UEFA Champions league.
  • SuperSport Select 2: Sports Channels that broadcasts local leagues such as CECAFA and FIFA as well as other sporting events in Basketball, Athletics and Boxing.
  • SONY: a Sony Entertainment Television
  • Telemundo: airs 24hr of pure romantic telenovela stories from mexico
  • Nat Geo Wild: a dedicated wildlife programming channel from National Geographic

Gotv Kenya Mpesa Business Number is: 423655

Gotv Kenya Customer Care Contacts : 0711066555


  1. This deal looks gud i only wish u had fox n mtv base. Anyway i gues its stil better than smat-tv. The only shida is getting rid of the one i already hav which i feel is a rip off. I wish goTV could offer terestrial decoder exchange 4 free This deal looks gud i only wish u had fox n mtv base. Anyway i gues its stil better than smat-tv. The only shida is getting rid of the one i already hav which i feel is a rip off. I wish goTV could offer terestrial decoder exchange 4 free

  2. deal is NOT good Freddo, have you looked at the one they have offered for Ug? this one for kenya is fake. put out something good even if it cost more. The guys who did marketing for ug are far better. check it on gotv website, choose ug and see how good the package is. don’t waste yo money.

  3. Does gotv have EPG, 5.1 sound output & HD capabilities? dstv guys can be so mean sometimes like when they dont air any live champs/prem lge match on SS-select or blitz despite many games airing at once. FYI Most Futbal lovers cum 4rm eastlands and aren’t that well off, so if gotv could give us at least SS10 & SS9 we wil appreciate. And also throw in some entetainment chanels like fox or universal and mtv base. Even if u charge btwn sh1000 -sh1200 p.m its alright coz this is better than smart tv.Does gotv have EPG, 5.1 sound output & HD capabilities? dstv guys can be so mean sometimes like when they dont air any live champs/prem lge match on SS-select or blitz despite many games airing at once. FYI Most Futbal lovers cum 4rm eastlands and aren’t that well off, so if gotv could give us at least SS10 & SS9 we wil appreciate. And also throw in some entetainment chanels like fox or universal and mtv base. Even if u charge btwn sh1000 -sh1200 p.m its alright coz this is better than smart tv.

  4. Does the GoTv decoder have an HDMI interface which i can use with my HD Tv?Does the GoTv decoder have an HDMI interface which i can use with my HD Tv?

  5. Does GOTV offer English Premier League games live or the European championship.
    Most of us are football lovers. A bouquet that encompasses this will be quite welcome even if it comes at a slightly high cost. Recheck the Ugandan deal and please give us something substantive.

  6. what do yu mean uganda is better? its only bbc and zone reality that they have and we dont. so really i dont see anything wrong with this offer coz by far its cooler than even dstv’s access on sattelite and ten times better that “WAKORA TV” imagine low price, world class TVstations and EPG. the guy above simply hasn’t done proper research. for its price and quality its worthy

  7. @Freddo, i thinnk you are talking about Gotv normal for uganda. I am talking about Gotv plus, mtvbase, wild, bcc, aljeez, zone reality, CNN. anyone who understands paytV knows that dstv acess, smart tv and Gotv kenya is nothing tocelebrate about. a bunch of free to air channels you can get for free. If you just started watching paytv in life then you can celebrate them but for those us who have been around for time will tell you there is nothing to be excited about cheap things are always expensive.

  8. Freddo said-True the UG ofa is beta than ours. My bad i hadn’t seen all the ug chanels but now i i’ve seen ’em . But i think ug are paying slightly more per subscription than kenya. I think 4 Kenya its just the intro package and soon gotv will bring more boupuets with better entertainment of course at much higher prices. Bottom line-am willing to pay them 3k p.m if gotv could air 90% futbol, alot of documentaries, series n reality instead of 2much afrocinema, local and church stuf.

  9. If you cab pay 3K P.M, I would advise you get triple play by zuku. dstv will never give EPL for that much. Can you imagine people in south africa on compact get supersport 3 and they pay less than what kenyans pay? As long as dstv has no competition with football no one should be dreaming of lower prices for futball for the next 3yrs. Why i say you get zuku triple play, you will get news, music, documentaries, you will download all the new moives and series besides even dstv movies and series are old and lastly did you know you can watch stream all the live football you want? there are so many sites, tvs online where you can watch all and get tired of it. Frome what i hear, zuku internet speeds are good which means you should be able to watch without the video cutting out. So, for 3K you could have it all and if you have a new sony internet TV then you are good to go…hehe

  10. i do recommend it, i don’t need to have it to recommend it to you cause It’s just obvious and anyone who has smart tv just know it can’t be compared to the other supplies. Right now the cheapest deal you have is Gotv….go for it though it could have been a lot better.

  11. Ooh come on! This is the easiest way to fleece people of their money. Count how many channels you are paying for that are free. Count how many of the remaining ones can you actually watch. Kenyans; we just like fancy things, the thing that your neighbour does’t have you go ahead and think it’s cool. 600 bob doesn’t look much to you wannabees but think about it…how long before you get bored of paying it and go back to the same old analog stations u were watching before

  12. I just wanna kno from guys who have experienced gotv, is it everything they say it is-yaani no cons? Are all local stations free and does it hav kissTV? Pls advice

  13. geez!!! what do you mean you want to know from those who have it? have you had a decoder before? its self explanatory the list of channels they have listed tells you what the offer is. i agree with the comment above you its waste of money and kenyans love to waste it thats why the offer is bogus yet they will make money off the ignorant ones.

  14. i cant even contemplate subscribing.
    what for?
    yet ugandans have all this what is wrong with these channels being introduced in Kenya. I thought Kenya was the best country in East Africa unless I was misled.

  15. Why dont gotv charge 1200 p.m and give us more futbal, series, documentaries & boomerang. Pls remove magic world na disney-J coz they r so boring. Dont worry about movies we hav dvds.

  16. @hott spring! many kenyans are deceived to believe Kenya is the best east african country and i wonder in what sense? maybe maasai mara but at least NOT in entertainment and fashion. Ugandans beat us badly and that is a fact.

    Example: Ugandans will pay 5000-2000/= to watch any good artist even local ones as long as the music is not just good but great. Almost each month a Big international star performs in kampala for 3000-5000k per head and ugandans will show up in thousands the recent artist being Sean Kingston, something that kenyans will only dream about. Ugandans will pay good money to dress nicely the opposite of kenyans. Ugandans have a high taste when it comes to entertainment and any international entertainment company knows it well and that includes DSTV. Dstv knows better that in Uganda you must offer something good inorder for you to get the money out of their pockets. In Kenya there is alot of wannables who just fall for anything just because the media tells them its “cool” to have. Kenyans will pay for anything as long as its advertised regardless of its quality……..i am surprised at how many people bought the smart tv decoders in kenya…… this is why stupid offers are with us in kenya all the time… i must say Hott Spring….you were misled…haha

  17. kenyans are the easiest people to fool when it comes to gadgets.they will rush to buy anything new without checking its pros and cons not knowing that what they are buying could actualy serve little purpose. think about it, now safcom has this “new” webbox which is suppose to be a great solution to accessing internet at home-BULL!! first of all home TVs dont support the best resolution for computer media…..some kenyans need to grow a brain and 3D tv was just invented for such douchebags

  18. of cource you cant say anything bad about it coz you are a salesman and all you want is to make profits. can you honestly tell people who have no idea about its workings, how good or bad it is?, and list all the channels it has?(that haven,t been listed. Are they worthy?

  19. The second bouquet is being launched by the end of next month and it will have all those channels you are complaining about, it’s called GOTv plus. Stop complaining and go and read carefully on the multichoice website

  20. If gotv plus is to be launched nxt month it shuld meet all the expectation of youths or else multichoice watanunua hizo chanels wenyewe. We mean stuf like more local and english/european futbal, best-documentaries, series and cartoons. FYI, Disney-J is retarded even kids dont likey. replace with Boom’/CN

  21. am not only an agent but also a subscriber,,,i can assure you that a good number of kenyans-some dstv subscribers- are buying it on the premise that it is digital migration compliant because it uses the DVB-T2 technology. our competitors are using T1 which will be obsolete come Jan 2012…Anyway the offer is limited and this decoder might have its price trippled in no time so you better take advantage. if still interested drop me a mail on thank you for the correspondents that am receiving.

  22. it’s such a hoax!!!! thought government wanted to help the transition to digital. if the mwananchi is unable to subscribe for the month, which will happen often, their stuck with KBC only!!!! r you trying to say the rest of the local channels aren’t free???? I feel ripped off!!!!!!

  23. Kenyans will never cease to amaze.They always complain over nothing.If u can say that this deal is bad then you will never be satisfied by any one.21 channels for 585 bob?and u say its bad?u cant be serious guys get real.I have GOTV and am able to watch EPL,La liga,serie a,french ligue,kpl,zambian league,Nigerian league,movies, etc.If there is any other good deal than this then not on this planet.


  25. of cource there will be a conflict btwn dstv a nd gotv bouquets. I as a dstv subsrciber will feel cheated and ripped off when i see that gotv subscribers are getting better deals than me at a cheaper price. e.g for only sh.585 they get most of what i get for sh.1000(dstv-access)plus other channels that i dont get. i guess when gotv+ is introduced there will be a major shift from dstv to gotv but then again both are products of the same company hence they wont loose(monopoly is bad for consumers).
    for me what will happen is-my dstv decoder will neva again be topped up instead ill buy gotv but only after gotv+ is introduced.

  26. On 19th September 2011, Anonymous asked whether GOTV offers English Premier League and European championship games. Why has this question not been answered? It is not enough to just talk of sports without spelling this out clearly.


  28. go tv give us more insights on this or else we stick to our unfulfilled smart decoders becouse this is a raw deal

  29. Hello,
    GOtv seems to be good. Having spent a lot of money and being let down by SMART TV, I am thinking of trying this one. Does it cover Ngong town?

  30. Hello,
    I would like to know whether GOtv works in Ngong town. I bought a decoder from smart-tv which never gave me the promised services and I would like to shift from that to a better option.

    I can be reached through. 0722846966

  31. kenyans get ripped of left right and centre. if gotv sells 10000 decoders at 7000k they have made a cool 70m. the decoders leave china @ 30 us dollars. thereafter they hav got you by the nuts. my advise wait no hurry as at present most channels are available on offer are available free. sports channels on offer of no interest to kenyans. entertainment rerun of series from the nineties WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  32. Please if you are a serious man who values his sports leave this for the ladies to watch African Magic(which should be closed by the way) and stop being cheap,just pay for quality(Dstv premium).

  33. Guys I think for now zuku satellite has the best deal for 2k per month you get to watch all their premium channels bout 70 in no. Their basic package is also good wid channels like FOX, MGM MOVIES,music channels like KISS INTERNATIONAL,MAGIC,SMASH HITS and many more channels bout 40 in no. For only 1k per month. The whole package is 6k that is decoder+dish+installation+one month subscribtion isn’t this the best deal

  34. I bought a decoder no. 713B60108009579 on 24th June 2011. I only utilized my initial amount offer of Kshs. 2000/= for one and half months. I have been unable to use the decoder ever since despite attempts to sort out the matter from your side. Your technical team claim its the aerial. How come it worked for the fist time and failed during the subsequent subscriptions? Am disappointed. No single channel is selected! I intend to throw it away or give it out for free to anyone willing to keep in the archive!!!!!!

  35. My GOTV expired on 17th December when I was I way on a Safari it is very disapointing that the kids at home cannot even watch local channels like NTV KTN, Citizen tv etc. I believe smart tv had better deal. Think twice before disposing your other decorder.


  36. Gotv is nice but its not up to standard.1/4 of its channels are free to air tvs, KTN, KBC, CITIZEN, NTV and K24. i stay in an estate where i pay ksh500 and watch 10 DSTV channels whereby i have access to all super Sport and ESPN, so, GOTV spice your package, add some ss onto it,so long as there aren’t live football, no purchasing Multichoice don’t lower yourselves to Smart TV standard.

  37. “‘Can you imagine people in south africa on compact get supersport 3 pay less”

    As long as KBC still owns 40% of DSTV,kenya (read multichoice) there is no pressure for them bring down cost hence some competition is health “Mr. Information minister!” I hope you are listening….

  38. Oops! GoTV is a hoax, affordability does not mean you give me a blank screen display. Can u repackage this bouquet. If u have run out of ideas jus try custom made packages.

  39. ithink you shoud add some sporting channels like ss7 and ss9 smart tv is better because it airs at least one epl match and haS setanta sports which airs more sports than select sports in GO TV

  40. Hi Gotv guyz, are u going to introduce packages that will provide euro cups leagues and go world a wild animals documentaries? i need a answer…..

  41. i thing you must be right, coz when u compare Uganda and we, we must be several kilometers away in terms of development and they should in-fact offer more than what Ugandan’s have not exactly what they have. Hi, Quys offers us with this like MTV,CNN,MAGIC but giving us church things, not all of us are holly jamas, we do go to church n we can sing with choir members, thanks for the offer but u need to withdraw or pay less attention as an offer, offered to Kenyans.

  42. Gotv is not such a bad idea, however the signal is always interfered with by aeroplanes flying by. So if you live in places like Langa’ata you will be disappointed. Kiss TV its not among the stations. I would be willing to pay more for more documentaries and sport and Discovery channel available is Discovery world and Select Sport for sport. (I have one and am talking from experience)

  43. Upgrade the supersport select so that we can have more EPL and La Liga matches televised and we are willing to add a marginal shilling for the added value.Also consider adding more channels e.g CNN, BBC and other entertainment channels.

  44. shedds says:Does GoTv cover embakasi -Utawala area?I need to know before i purchase the GoTv-plus,if they launch it.

    • Don’t even bother. I live in Imara and it is such a waste of time. You can’t watch anything without the signal disappearing and getting a blank screen telling you that it is because of bad weather or faulty connections.I get so pissed off. Think of other options.
      Again if you are late in paying it is another nightmare. after you pay you have to call them to reconnect you. They will do it but the next day they disconnect you again!!!

  45. i dont understand like kiss tv is not aired,also natiogeo and SS7 and SS9,atleast give us this since Digital tv is the way to embrace.

  46. I’m still waiting for an affordable pay tv that will dedicate a channel to local content (sports especially – KPL to be precise)

  47. This is a good thing to try! is it functional in Ngong area?
    Men if you have never bin to pay TV try this. Everything has merits and demerits. For around 6k the deal is worth trying.

  48. Dear Friends, for those who have already purchased GOtv I feel sorry for them coz I’m one of the victim and I don’t recommend it.The system does not work properly it it has issues, full of interruptions; ON and OFF.Therefore there is no proper support when it comes to complain as their target is just selling the package. Take my word: never go for GOTv.


  49. Buy it and see how it works for yourself! Don’t waste time listening to what people say here. Loose your money,its yours. Buy a good thing,enjoy yourself. Nobody tells me what to and not to buy.

  50. GOtv is very clear and advanced than smart tv which is a waste of money for an average person but at least they should add ss9 and ss7 for about 1500 per month dont listen to those who criticize gotv coz most of them dont have.Big up to Go tv

  51. Smart TV is finally closed, get this friends; go for Dstv or Zuku, they’re reliable. Gotv is not yet reliable and channels are not as good

  52. I got GOTV recently just cos I didn’t want to pay for my DSTV compact subscription after watching the cost escalate month by month due to the dollar.
    My take is that it has potential if they launch a GOTV+ package as suggested the market is there for pay TV to get out of the tedious nonsense of daily soap operas fed to us by the local Free To Air channels. A few channels like Nat Geo wild, CNN and SONY would make all the difference.

  53. I just bought my GOTV the other day and am so dissapointed with the reception at Embakasi…at the moment I wont recomend it …cheap is so expensive!!!!!!!!
    “PLZ JUST CARRY UR DECODER 2 GOTV CUSTOMER CARE OFFICES IN GREENSPAN NYCE DAY”screemed a customer support fellow!!!!.I sounded I had to travel all the way from office in Westlands to settle a TV issue!!!!!!! what a waste!!!

  54. hi i have GoTv it is a good start for picture quality but the programs are boring as hell there are a lot of repeats and old movies . truth to be said i pay for it to watch the free to air channels as they have better programs . kiss,bbc,fox all this good channels do not work .they have sonny max but it airs funny things . PLEASE CAN YOU IMPROVE THE PRODUCT . my friend has told me zuku for 1000/= is much better .save kenyas from having sitting rooms full of gadgets

  55. kindly improve on the number of channels.the ones there are just can even provide different products at different rates.

  56. i hate this thing we call GOTV. I paid my monthly subscrition upon expiry date but i have not been able to reconnect. i have called the customer care service numbers which appears busy all the time consuming my airtime for nothing. I think i should throw this thing away and go to my usual TV CABLING….If it is entertainment i will get it elsewhere….am sad GOTV

  57. i have Gotv,its not bad for a family has some funny interesting to watch stuff for a family,but they still need to improve on the could be better especially for me,like for me i love fights,boxing ,ufc,wrestling and sports.
    So gotv ,thats a challenge to you.but well done,nevertheless

  58. Wow…and the way carol na jarang’o wanaimarket kiss100 n kiss tv is nt even part of the package! Is there a digital converter box which has no monthly sibscription fee; just for airing local channels in digital format? Think that’s what I need now, nothing fancy. Plus digital converters are upgrading by day, very confusing.

  59. If u r a fan of movies and series buy a dvd player which are as cheap as 3000ksh,and dvds for only niche(50)Bob.Don’t rely on go TV,boring channels,we need more sports and documentaries.And like i said for the movies and series we can sort ourselves out.By the way i just recieved an email that you are increasing your monthly subscription to 720ksh.WHAT THE HELL FOR?

  60. am the newest user of Gotv i guess… it last week…clarity and reception from where i live is perfect..crystal clear! but disappointments are on the bouquet and choice….you tune from one end to the other and you end up settling at KBC channel. Whats its use if after all that i still end up on the free to air channels???do something gotv and bring those gotv+ asap! Uve got great potential so kindly dont waste it and wreck the image you building….its always so hard to make than break!

  61. Absolute waste. Don’t buy it. Only got it for the convenience of a portable decoder. Now I see I’m gonna have to get DSTV and the Dish, which I was trying to avoid coz I move often. Sample this:
    –>SonyMax – Weird Asian kickboxing shows.
    –>E Entertainment – Boring as hell, Keeping up with the kardashians being the main show here – i hate that family so I never watch that show anyways.
    –>Africa Magic (plus 3 other such stations) – Plain old oga soaps which i loathe with a passion.
    –>KBC, NTV, KTN, Citizen, eTV Africa –> Basically paying for free to air channels. And no KISS TV? Come on, people.
    –>Discovery World – ok I don’t mind this.
    –>Al Jazeera –> I don’t mind this either but I wish it was CNN instead because Al Jazeera is so focused on the Middle East News Front that sometimes you wonder if it’s really an International News Channel. Besides, they do not have interesting interviews like BBC’s hardtalk or CNN’s Pierce Morgan (or what was once Larry King Live) – which I love.
    –>TSN, Style Network – Most boring channel ever.
    –>SS Select –> African football matches. A UEFA match once in a while. Boring. More of the EPL please.
    –> Channel O – Do people still watch this channel? Can’t stand it.
    –>3 Gospel Channels – Never watched any, just not my cuppa tea.
    –> 2 cartoon channels – Don’t have kids so not interested.
    All in all, 1/10. I mostly find myself back on the Free to air channels. And they just increased the subscription fee from 585 to 720. Not worth it. Best to pay 3k/5k and get quality DSTV channels.

  62. i boughty smart tv decordere n after 3 months guess what no signal/ifear buying anything dis days better zuku tv 4600 bob decorder plus dish rather than buying only decorder for 5500.further more no kiss tv coz they sold some shares of live matches on sato to it n therefore they will never put it on their platform/why cant kiss go ahead n buy from barclays? iam in mathari hospital nairobi

  63. I must admit that even though dstv is exspensive But offers the best entertainment. the zukus and go tv are below entertainment

  64. I must admit go t.v is a con. Just got it not more than 2 weeks ago and i regret ever spending on it. In the newspapers they said it had more than 40 channels (i have a copy of the newspaper) but apart from the usual k.t.n., e.t.c. it has less than 10 others. Most of the time it has no signal and so much interruptions. Cheap is expensive for real.

  65. dont buy the stuff…it has poor quality eg ntv show blur images n no sound for some channel like kiss tv..they say it has 40 channel but has only 23 inclusive of kenyan channels.its a complete waste.


  67. i thinks before you write all these nonesense, you should rescan…like now if you rescan you are going to receive 73 channels in total…64 tv stations and 8 radio stations….i have never experience what you pple are saying. go to menu….advance options, installation then reset, click ok then it will start rescanning.

  68. Hi Guys,

    I know people are disappointed but i guess we can put pressure on Gotv to style up. First of all let go tv introduce that new bouquet of gotv+. We need more educative channels like Natgeo Wild, CNN. id rather they remove some of that Africa Magic and put in Natgeo or Zone Reality. The Ugandans are having a good time. Next thay should have a 24hr customer service/technical desk to deal with issues that come up at night.

  69. I bought Gotv about 2 weeks ago and now its not working.It says ‘Signal not the Gotv call centre.’ The problem is i have tried calling the number +254 202 710 754 but it does not work.Does anyone know if there is a new number they use?This is ridiculous.

  70. sorry guys i talked and gave up .the decoder is now collection in my house i wish i had bought zuku tv .
    these guys do not care .
    get a good Ariel and you will watch free to air channels Cristal clear,than paying for free to air channels on govt .

  71. so the new kid on the block claims that if you do not pay suscription after the first month you will stiil view all local channels….Any on who can verify this?

  72. I have a goTv decoder and it is working extreemely well i dont know which decoders you people are talking of.. i have access to customer care and the direct sales agent i bought from is always there for me.. Maybe ask him for assistance on Kevin 0726210205 you can aswell purchase from him and will install for you…

  73. Dear All,
    I had a plan to purchase gotv today BUT with you
    comment i decided not to ,since this seems to be womens bouquet.i have decided to go for full Dstv premium
    Austine Coast.

  74. You’ll be required to subscribe to a monthly plan of Kshs.585 (21 channels), of course after your initial 3months subscription expires. Those who are not within Nairobi will however not be able to enjoy GOtv services until after the provider has obtained and set up frequencies in their areas; My be u can tell me something about this, am not a Nairobian.

  75. You’ll be required to subscribe to a monthly plan of Kshs.585 (21 channels), of course after your initial 3months subscription expires. Those who are not within Nairobi will however not be able to enjoy GOtv services until after the provider has obtained and set up frequencies in their areas; My be u can tell me something about this, am not a Nairobian.

  76. I bought Gotv yesterday the other day but it isnot bad, atleast for clearity and the fact that no Sattelite Dish is required, though I was disappointed because my main interests were missing, i hope they can bring a better package.

  77. Go TV is a waste of you good hard earned money. I bought it in December 2011 and I AM 101+ disappointed. I had SMART TV which was much better than Go TV. There channels are MORE than BORING. PEOPLE please do not waste your money buying for this bogus gadget

  78. I bought this thing 2 years ago and already having issues. I can’t watch some channels and their customer care service sucks! No one seems to know what is going on when you call with an issue. They need to style up like really first if they intend to make any inroads in this market!!!!!

  79. You have made my day,. by channel by channel analysis of GOtv. AND I am now convinced this thing is as useless as having nothing. I will never buy it unless it has Nation Geo, CNN, BBC, Discovery channel.


  81. what do we do now? many of us want to buy a decoder…we can not all afford dstv…and they talk about the switch off to digital? which one will be buy? zuku? gotv? startimes? who came up with this idea of compulsory pay tv for every one? do they know there are people who cannot afford to start paying that 720 per month????

  82. i have one but i regret the whole thing. why on earth would they say it has 21 channels and for heaven sake the local channels are free.i regret the whole deal


  84. GOTV will neva offer beta services than their own DSTV so that watu wasihamie GOTV from DSTV in that case u beta buy Startimes which will be all time trying to give beta services than DSTV so Startimes services will be improving with time than GOTV

  85. You can now watch 15 free channels courtesy of a new decoder without having to pay any monthly subscription.The channels available are 1. KBC
    2. KTN
    3. NTV
    5. FAMILY TV
    6. EATV
    7. EDU TV
    8. K24
    9. KISS TV
    10. KASS TV
    11. QTV
    13. SAYARE
    14. GBS
    15. HERITAGE
    You can call 0729946716 or write to

  86. go tv kenya is selling fake products in order to dupe kenyans.they are selling decoders with fake adaptors. Gotv decoder with adaptor and antena is about 3400/= but when your adaptor goes bad you will have to rebuy it at a cost of 3000/= that is if you will get it.

  87. I bought gotv and I regret, the programmes are boring and full of repetition. They have a long list of channels which are inactive. Do some research before you buy this thing.

  88. Kenyan are fake that why we are cheated easly.plz ka hujanunua gotv decorder don’t buy it better startmes ama zuku

  89. There are no animal channells on your Bouquets i.e Nat geo channell, national geographic channell, and animal planet among others.

    Am a fun of animals and as such, considering unsubcrition to your channell

  90. Hey
    why is it you people cheated us while launching Gotv by minister for information that when a person delays to pay his/her monthly fee that he/she will only be able to watch local channels?

  91. hey
    why is it while launching gotv by minister for information Samuel poghiso you people cheated us that when a person delays to pay his/her monthly fee will only be able to watch local channels?

  92. How can u win the hearts of the Kenya that u are realy offering the better service yet the channel u are giving us are bouring (programmes repeatation).u just leave KBC as a free to air channel unlike startimes which leaves several channels (locals) if u fail to subscriped no disconnect.Better do away with GOTV and buy startimes.Do somethings.

  93. Gotv you promised to air 90 channels while in real life we only air below 30 channels. half the time the channels do not show. We need a change….

  94. This GoTV is fake. When it is raining it shows there is no signal. It irritates when your screen becomes empty when you are following a news story. grrrrrrh!

  95. why worry star times tv is doing just that just walk in with smart tv decoder and leave with star times decoder with your all channels assured

  96. Oh . Boy. You guys aren’t encouraging me. I guess i will just go with star times tv.
    Coz me i just want to be digitally compliant before 31st dec nothing fancy .

  97. I bought yesterday and it has Sony, BBC, Super sport and many other channels. i was told up to 70 channels. For smart TV you have to pay for most of the good channels such as Super sport and Discovery.

  98. Is gotv really a multichoice device cause it is really boring and it sucks.Better ZUKU.It is really entertaining.

  99. for me gotv is the best but i would wish if they could add disney channel,disney XD or cartoon network to their bouquet of channels


  101. my decorder has e16 error.u pple have eaten up my credit in the reset sms i was sending to one of ur sms u said i should visit the nearest go tv offices.the question is where r ur offices in mombasa kenya.ave paid my mothly due but still cant access ur services.secondly u guys should give us real sports channel even if its supersport 3.that supersportselect is doing no good.lets have BBC too.

  102. kindly please send me the contacts for a customer care office in Nairobi because my recorded only has 5 channels what happened to the rest.

  103. Hi
    I really want to buy your decoder, unfortunately I do not know whether it can be useful in Mwingi town and where is the nearest supplier to this town and then whether Embu is covered and who is the dealer there. Also Naivash Ronald Ngala seems not to know whether the initial subscription with the purchase is 1 or 3 months. If you cover Mwingi and I can reach a supplier tmoro, be sure you will have a new subscriber before end of tmoro 5th March 2013. That is only if you can answer this before 9.00 am on the inidcsted date. Thanks as you responde.

  104. i also believe that gotv is giving us a row deal because o the following reasons:
    1.If disconnected its only KBC tv u can watch.The govt should compell them to air all the local channels free of charge.
    2.They should also give us ssp 3 or ssp10 or ssp 7 even if they chargeus a ksh 1,000 bob.
    3.i just hope other pay tv stations can come up and provide us with english premier league at a cheaper price.
    4. Free to air footbal matches are also in the Kiss tv,why should i then by gotv if i can get those matches free of charge.
    5.U should at least every weekend sat & sun rely two live matches for any of the best five teams in the english premier league.
    thank u waiting for your quick response

  105. addition to the above you should give us BBC to.
    7.go tv is also affected by weather,pls sort it out

  106. I am interested in buying your go tv decoder but you do not have outlets in the city centre.I wish i had bought it in Eldoret last week.Anyway I will try to visit Westie this weekend and hope to clinch a good promo deal.Am currently on Smart tv for last one year.If you can introduce EPL matches you will increse your clientelle.Gd day.

  107. This article is outdated hence misleading. Kindly remove it as it can be costly to users to rely on such information while making purchase decisions. Alternatively you could update it.

  108. hi morning these decoder has just repeated the same problem since you reconnected it has showed 2days, what could be the issue help ICU NO. 2014146798 the amount was kshs 850 m-pesa code EQ54VB305, DATE 16-2-2014 time 1:57 am, no. used 0705584887 please help as you can,

  109. paid for my gotv plud subscription on 7/4/2014 but the screen is displaying searching for signal. i contacted your number but no help

  110. what is not happening with these channels: citizen, ktn & ntv we can’t view them any more. please do something.

  111. Comment: gotv not but when come to quality but now all the basic channel can nolonger be view kbc is like have gotten scratches so do something guys

  112. Style is not offered any more. It’s a pity because I really liked it. And KBC has no sound. But I am happy with GOTV all the same. They reply to queries really fast.

  113. i’ve added kshs 250 and still can’t recieve Go TV PLUS,pliz assist as quickly as posible for iwant to watch the Afc vs Tusker match.IUC No 2014137684’transaction ID:11408003394349.

  114. I have paid 849 for my decoder number 2014186700 and stil not activated. Your customer care number not working

  115. Have paid849 for my decorder number 2014186700 and it is not activated. your customer care number not working

    Comment: have paid 849 for my decorder number 2014186800 and stil not activated. Your customer care number not working

  116. have tried activating my decoder for the last 12 hours, customer care no not going thru. kindly help.
    my decoder no is 2017230012

  117. Gotv you r conning us with ya useless package. On local tv we could watch all midweek games mostly champions and europa league which you are denying us after taking a hooping £10 plus. You are a disgrace gotv come collect ya Decorder free. Have a digital tv en is all I need.

  118. Does Gotv have special antenna since mine has stopped using the wiremesh-like. How does one add channel like Natural geo wild which is my favourite

  119. What is this searching for signal nonsense after just watching for 3hours. I paid ksh. 850 but still very few channels. After adding 250 how many channels are added?

  120. I hereby lodge my complain as below to the Nairobi Customercare as below;-
    -I paid for my gotv renewal yesterday at 2003hrs and I wasn’t connected immediately only to see Error E016 I have tried to clear it thorugh the sms but in vain.
    -I have tried to call customercare from yesterday up to now but in vain the following line are ringing but no one is picking; 0204236000.4449000, 0711066555, 0711066000, IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL CUSTOMER CARE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ITS SHAME.

  121. Hi i wanna ask why the channel O has lost indefinately in kenya and wanna know how long will it take for the Gotv plus package of Ksh849 to be viewed in Meru region kenya.

  122. I paid 2600 for local channels only since I dont want to pay the monthly subscription of 850 daily but its not connecting please do something.My ICU number is 2017682412.

  123. I paid 849ksh for gotv plus and i was connected to that of 549 iuc number is 20044652657.please update my decorder to date.

  124. Comment:have already paid for the 849 monthly subscription and it has not been automatically activated..have tried the *423# and its not going IUC no. is 4622662227..kindly assist

  125. I am very much disappointed of you guys.I think you are just after westing our money for nothing.How is it that I pay for the up grade of my bouquet via mpesa the the money goes the channels are still scrambled(no signals)
    Then you choose to send us a fake code for SMS again you take the credit from phone then you keep quite.This should come to an end.If two people leave go Tv everyday imagine how much you will loose at the end of the month.This is thugs.

  126. Same problem i hear guys complaining of.paid for the subscription by still says its expired.tried clearing the error 16 bt nothing.please help.iuc 2017825377

  127. Comment:Same problem i hear guys complaining of.paid for the subscription by still says its expired.tried clearing the error 16 bt nothing.please help.iuc 2017825377

  128. some channels appear to have been removed without warning – 3 and 21 – is this just a technical problem ?

  129. Give us all your working current dealer numbers online option, not only your talking machine which can’t solve all our problems such that we should be able to speak directly to an agent like safari ok plz!
    You waste our credit!

  130. Am surprised now days if you don’t subscribe on time,all the channels are disconnected leaving only KBC.I supposed the free to air channels should be left intact mtu akijipanga alipe.Is the CCK in agreement with GOTV on this?

    My GOTV does not have Aviation TV now days though it used to be there,i have tried to search and adjusted my aerial but all in vain.

    We also need channels like BBC and VOA.

  131. is possible to make yearly payment of 1200/= for only local channels because iam unhappy of what iam seing happening on gotv phone numbers are as indicated,0707515343 and 0707515343.

  132. My account is IUC 2016946402, i subscribed for the free to air bouquet and now my decoder has been disconnected. Kindly reset as im not ready to do the monthly payment.

  133. My account is IUC 2016946402, i subscribed for the free to air bouquet and now my decoder has been disconnected. Kindly reset as im not ready to do the monthly payment.


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