GOtv Digital Terrestrial Television in Kenya

GOtv is the newest Digital pay TV service from Multichoice and KBC (Kenya Broadcasting Corporation) coming as a result of ongoing analog to digital migration among African countries; the company has already introduced its services in Uganda  Zambia and now Kenya. GOtv utilizes Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT) technology to offer a wider variety of channels ranging from paid whole family entertainment, Kids, documentaries, series, sports, movies and free to air channels with great picture and sound quality compared to traditional analogue transmission. Each analogue frequency previously held by a single channel will now have a wider capacity on digital platform accommodating about 20 standard channels. Since most countries resolved to switch from analogue to digital broadcasting by 2015, digital terrestrial transmission technology is gaining a wider adoption bringing flourished features and functionality to TV lovers.

Until the introduction of GOtv in Africa, Multichoice has been offering its Dstv pay TV services via satellite transmission; consumers are required to acquire a Dstv decoder and satellite dish to watch their favorite TV shows; in this case, it’s not possible to view free to air channels once your subscription has been exhausted. On the other hand, digital terrestrial transmission technology such as the one used by GOtv only requires a decoder equipped with a smart card and an antennae to receive both paid and free to air channels; in most cases, users continue to enjoy free to air channels even after the expiry of their subscription. Unlike most countries which have successfully switched to a digital platform, Kenya is still struggling with no clear signs whether it shall meet its own set 2012 deadline; Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) via Signet was mandated to distribute digital signals but things went sour after its controversial partnership with Smart TV previously owned by a Swedish firm known as Next Generation Broadcasting, Smart TV is currently owned by Transmex Kenya ltd.
The departure of Next Generation Broadcasting from the Kenyan market was blamed on un-conducive business environment and several frustrations from local media owners through court cases. Things went further apart after the Communications Commission of Kenya awarded a second digital signal transmission license to Pan African Network, a Chinese owned firm; however, in an effort to bring major stake holders onboard, the Communications Commission of Kenya decided to give a third similar license to Media Owners Association (MOA) through a non tendered process provided they fulfilled all requirements set out in the tender paper such as payment of $450,000 (Ksh.41 million) license fee. GOtv is expected to add to the recently unveiled Dstv’s Drifta Dongle service in diversifying platforms utilized by Multichoice in its quest to explore every angle of consumers. Unlike GOtv which operates on DTT, the Drifta Dongle utilizes Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld (DVBH) technology to receive DVB-H Signals which are later converted to WiFi allowing devices such as personal computers, laptops and smart phones to receive Dstv channels.
GOtv is expected to go head on with Smart TV which is currently enjoying a significant share of subscribers on Digital Terrestrial Transmission platform in Kenya, Multichoice however has an upper hand on the overall market share of pay TV subscribers in Kenya and GOtv comes as a plus. Zuku pay TV is also gaining momentum on its fibre optic platform after an extensive aggressive campaign immediately following its launch. Sources also indicate Multichoice has already secured partnership in Europe for the supply of GOtv DVB-T2 set top boxes.
GOtv Kenya Pricing Offer;
Decoder Special Price: Kshs.6,255, Monthly Subscription: Kshs.585


  1. This deal looks gud i only wish u had fox, mtv base/trace. Anyway it is stil better than smat-tv and the charge is fair. I hope go-tv will hav better quality signals plus EPG unlike what we currently get 4rm smartv . The only shida is getting rid of the decoder i already hav which i feel is a rip off. I wish goTV could offer decoder exchange 4 free This deal looks gud i only wish u had fox, mtv base/trace. Anyway this is stil better than smat-tv. The only shida is getting rid of the one i already hav which i feel is a rip off. I wish goTV could offer terestrial decoder exchange 4 free

  2. edward mwita
    dstv is trying to counter zuku but with gotv u still have to pull ur socks.Dont be mean give out quality channels dont play with businnes. i still prefer zuku to gotv.


  4. Come on yu cant sell gotv decoder for that much and for the chanels u need to improve. Add more entertaining chanels like fox, mtvbase,natgeo,disney,ss10 and FX

  5. I regret buying the gotv decoder; there is absolutely no interesting channel to watch! Conduct a survey and come up with what your customers need.

  6. Am totally confused guys,zuku,smarttv and now Gotv,YOU ARE COMPLAINING ALL THE ABOVE,WHAT SHOULD I GO FOR? I still somehow prefer Gotv but an fifty fifty.

  7. I wish i never bought a gotv decoder. There’s nothing interesting to watch!!!!! this is a rip off. Only thing i appreciate is the disney junior channel for my baby. The rest is bull. Actually when my baby isnt watching the disney channel, i switch batch to the normal TV channels. If you guys dont give us channels worth watching, i will just toss it aside.

  8. I chose gotv because it doesn’t require the satellite dish and is a multi-choice product, so expected more or less the same type of services; I am sorry to say that I made a grave mistake! The channels aired are soooo boring. come on gotv, we don’t mind paying more, but give as something better.Be sure that even with low subscription, you are bound to lose big!!My advice; Up grade, charge accordingly and you will win a bigger chunk of the market.

  9. Go tv do smtng about your channels the r so boring, atleast give us animal planet, nat geo n one for movies n two supersport channels, i wont mind to pay extra

  10. Please advice what should I do with the 1st set top box? any disposal method from KBC or they just wanted money and thats all. Every digital service provider will be having its own set top boxes, why cant they harmonize them.

  11. Go TV,am happy your set is not that bad but if at all you can expand to Nyeri and other regions i think the audience is much than you can only get in Nairobi.

  12. CMON GOTV, we need atleast two action movies channel. some of your channels have no value at all. we better pay extra but get its value all we need is value for our money.

  13. I have been using smart tv which is longer there.Can i use the same decoder with your smart card.Is it possible and how much will it cost?
    Imara daima

  14. Last time the government recommended DVBT1 which I bought. However we were informed later that the system is being changed to DVBT2. Is this the system u r offering for sale now ie DVBT2? What will I do with my current equipment when its switched of from the air?

  15. Gotv ur crap if u dnt upgrade ur going to be out of the market. Do smthng i regret wasting my money on ur set top box

  16. Gotv????? very useless i bought a gotv card 1 month ago and to date the only thing they tell me when i call their customer care centre is they have reset, will be very unlucky if your phone is picked by their very arrogant ladies

  17. Comment I am getting tired of ua casual services. I have complained a lot, recently I got connected to local channels after complain . I was told my system is active, two days now am disconnected. my iuc 2017814184. Plz maintain ua few customers and others will automatic join. Peter Kitengela .


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