How to fix error e16 on your GOtv decoder and continue enjoying watching channels

Those daunting moments when you’re enjoying your favorite show, sport or movie on your GOtv decoder and all of a sudden you are presented with an error E16 can be very frustrating. Error E16 is supposed to show up when your subscription expires without making a payment. But that’s not what always the case, GOtv customers are supposed to make a payment while their decoders are on for the systems to effectively update, failure to do so usually presents error e16 even when the subscription has been duly paid for.

There are a couple of methods you can try to rectify this error but all of them usually requires some bit of patience, meaning you could end up missing the rest of your movie, sport of show when this happens. In a nutshell, it’ll take a few minutes to clear error e16 from your GOtv decoder.

How to fix error e16 on your GOtv decorder;

Using GOtv portal

  • If you have an internet connection, use GOtv portal from this link
  • Enter your IUC number
  • Then select “GOTVE16” from the dropdown
  • And press on “FIX ERROR

Using USSD Code method

  • Dial *423# on your mobile phone and follow the prompts

Using text message method

  • On your phone, compose a new text message with the word “RESET” followed by your decoder’s IUC number
  • Sent the message to 22688


  1. Please i have paid, Clear error code E16 on my gotv and reset my gotv. Iuc number 4613632807 so that i can get every channels please. Thanks


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