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Digital Yuan: It will go Miles Ahead in the financial world 

We know China has been working hard in the financial world to give the first digital currency in the market with the central bank’s backing. Finally, it embarked on the money known as the digital Yuan, the virtual extension of the money in the market. You can find diverse virtual coins in the financial market. Also, a monetary method of exchange is assured by the central bank. And it is confirmed by the top companies that world together in the market. It was also announced in 2014, and we see many more central bank currencies known as Digital Cash or electronic payment option, which are required to move ahead. The officials are now accelerating their efforts during Summer 2019, and Facebook is seen moving ahead with a digital currency known as Libra. As per many more media and Fintech world who are seen speculating about the practical efforts. It can even add the USD and upend the global order that goes with the quick story. The US should be able to catch many more options to say goodbye and then resign with the financial leader. You can learn more about these topics by visiting the Yuan Pay Group.

Digital Yuan in China 

When Digital Yuan came, many Fintech and Media experts got busy predicting some grandiose effect due to the currency. They claimed that the money would topple USD and even shape the global order. The story discussed various aspects of the coin, and the US also stood up to catch things goodbye and gain the regime of financial leaders in the global market. The media is now busy still talking about it. However, we need to know the crux of this debate. We fail to understand that the centralized digital coin of China will remain ready in the coming times during prime time. We also know that there are indicators that work hard towards the hype. 

Also, there are national implementations that are seen long in the market. The US isl is likely to catch up and then say goodbye to the same. Now, you and too many things indicate the excellent hype and the federal execution that goes a long way. You can even find some current pilots that remain limited with the few people in the market. The PBOC has claimed it will be testing in the digital market in 2022. Also, there is rising political stress in the market, and the US is ready to gain the idea of accelerating the company’s schedule. We can even help make the massive rollout in the market, and digital currency is seen at the next level. 

What brought the Digital Yuan? 

Let us ask what’s wrong with cash, and the central bank solved many more issues in the currency hurdles in the market. You can find much more physical money, which seems like an expensive business. It also requires it to be published and then put into the circulation. However, to maintain it, you need the digital existence of the currency. Perhaps this is why the digital Yuan came into the market. We see the physical cash is now doing some expensive business that remains on top of the cost. Money has become difficult to monitor and even trace. Many more are seen acting as an attractive option to exchange what comes involved in criminal activities. Several enhanced supervision of transactions is there to help the authorities fight money laundering and even the country’s illegal financing issues. 

Digital Yuan for Progress 

If you can extend the pilots, you can find the central bank now announcing to start the option of treating and training about digital Yuan. When it broke in the media, the news allowed them to become a fierce thing in the market. These remain the only solution for digital Yuan that went on to deploy stuff at the national level. The digital Yuan follows a system that can help choose the people on hold, and they all come from three different nations, including Chengdu, Suzhou and Xiongan. The PR claimed that the pilot project coming in April would challenge many things. It will disband the idea of using crypto in the market. Digital Yuan helps in empowering with the China’s local economy and even at the international level. In July, we saw many more such things happening and then explored the application for digital currency.

Cardano comes to the forefront of investments

Virtual currencies are high-yield investments that can yield high returns for the investor. Because of their low volatility, they are an excellent way to invest in long-term goals. The virtual currency market is relatively new, so it doesn’t have the same infrastructure as traditional markets like stocks and bonds. However, this also means that it has lower fees associated with investing because there isn’t as much bureaucracy involved in getting started on virtual currency exchange or platform.

Virtual currencies offer high returns, especially if you’re willing to risk investing. However, as with any investment, you should always do your research and make sure that the virtual currency is worth it before investing. Thus, paddle up your portfolio through the bitcoin trading platform and enhance your investment potential. For more details read this website: http://bitcoin-smarter.com 


1. High rewards and returns: An exchange is the most common way to invest in cryptocurrency. This allows you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies as often as you want, which can make it easier to earn a return on your investment. Virtual currencies have a lot of upsides, such as high rewards and returns. The amount of profit you can make with virtual currency investment is high compared to other investment options. In addition, virtual currencies have a low cost of investment because any government or organization does not regulate them. There is no need for you to pay fees or taxes when you invest in them. This means that the cost of investing in virtual currencies will be lower than if you invested in stocks or bonds.

2. Lower investment cost: Since cryptocurrency is just data stored on a blockchain, no go-between is involved in the transaction process. This means that there are no fees associated with buying and selling digital coins like there are with stock trading or bank savings accounts. Another advantage of investing in virtual currencies is that there are no costs involved when you purchase them. You don’t have to pay any fees or commissions when buying Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency and selling it later at a higher price since those transactions are free from third parties like banks and brokers who charge fees on top of what you pay for the purchase itself!

Virtual currencies are more scalable than traditional investments because they don’t require you to go somewhere to buy them physically; you can purchase them from anywhere there’s an internet connection available! This means that even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still invest in virtual currencies without having to leave your house or rely on someone else’s generosity (like taking out a loan from a bank or using a credit card).

3. More scalable and adoptable: Cryptocurrencies are not tied to one country or company—they can be used anywhere in the world without requiring them to be converted into fiat currencies first. This makes them more accessible than other forms of investment because they don’t require you to seek out a broker or an account manager first before getting started investing in cryptocurrency markets today!

4. Reduced time to own: The fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized means that there aren’t any intermediaries taking their cut from the transaction; instead, you can keep all of your money in your wallet while still being able to use it whenever and wherever you want! Virtual currencies are also much quicker than other types of investments because they don’t require any paperwork or legal documents like stocks do—instead, all you need is a computer or smartphone (or even an internet connection).

Virtual currencies are less expensive than traditional investments because they don’t require the same amount of capital in order to invest. In addition, there aren’t any fees associated with purchasing virtual currencies—you just pay a fee when you sell them (as opposed to paying a fee when you purchase other types of securities).

Final words

Virtual currencies are more scalable than traditional investments because they can be used in a variety of ways—one example is that you can use them for trading goods and services on an online marketplace like Etsy or Amazon, which means that more people will be able to use them if they become more popular among consumers. 

How to get connected to Safaricom’s 5G Wi-Fi home internet service and how much it’ll cost you

Safaricom has finally rolled out its 5G internet after testing for the couple of months. Subscribers who don’t have fibre coverage within their areas but still would like to enjoy fast internet speeds from the service provider can now opt for 5G instead, provided they have coverage within their respective areas. The service provider has unveiled 5G Wi-Fi which is pegged on 5G technology to connect customers to a high-speed and reliable internet.

Even though Safaricom has rolled out this service, there remains caveats and snags that will prevent anyone interested to subscribe to the network. To start with, 5G coverage is still limited to specific areas within various towns; for example, while the technology has been rolled out within Westlands in Nairobi, it’s currently only available around Safaricom’s HQ which does not qualify people within westlands area near Naivas or the Mall. But if your area is covered (confirm from Safaricom’s website), then 5G might be just what you need to enjoy fast internet speeds.

5G Wi-Fi packages start from Ksh 3,499 for 10Mbps to Ksh 14,999 for 100Mbps. Something to note, each package comes with a throttle volume; meaning, your speeds will be throttled for the rest of the month once you’ve exhausted the package throttle volume – kind of the way fair usage policy works.

Safaricom’s 5G Wi-Fi Packages

300GB Volume500GB Volume1000GB Volume
Throttle speed (1MBPs)Throttle speed (3MBPs)Throttle speed (3MBPs)
Throttle Volume (300GB)Throttle Volume (1000GB)Throttle Volume (1000GB)
Ksh 3,499Ksh 5,999Ksh 14,999
Valid for 30 days (Inc. Tax)Valid for 30 days (Inc. Tax)Valid for 30 days (Inc. Tax)

Additionally, you’ll need to purchase a 5G router from Safaricom at Ksh 25,000 including a one-off setup fee of Ksh 5,000. Assuming you want to subscribe to the lowest package, you’ll need a total of Ksh 33,499 which by far very expensive to the average Kenyan and well above what you need to connect to available fibre internet providers such as Zuku and Faiba.

How to get connected to Safaricom’s 5G WiFi home internet

  • On your phone, dial *400#
  • Then select 5G Wi-Fi
  • You can then access available 5G Wi-Fi plans, check account status, renew plan, upgrade/downgrade plan, know about 5G Wi-Fi and so forth.
  • You can check coverage and request a call back at https://internet.safaricom.co.ke/

How to keep your Safaricom line active for up to two years without using it via Daima service

While Safaricom remains to be the leading mobile service provider in the country, it has remained impacted by a ton of issues that customers often wished there was a workaround. Customers especially those travelling abroad for various reasons have had challenges keeping their lines active while they are in the diaspora owing to the requirements for them to consume at least one of the services provided by the service provider to be considered active. This problem is at least for now solved, somehow. You do not need to keep recharging airtime and using your line every other month for you to be considered an active subscriber, thanks to the “Daima” service.

Safaricom’s Daima service now enables customers to keep their lines active for as long as two years without requiring frequent airtime top-ups. This service is not necessarily reserved for those travelling abroad even though they stand to benefit most, but also certain circumstances such as a demise of a loved one. Just after the service was unveiled, several Kenyans turned on various social media platforms lamenting just how phone numbers of their loved ones were issued to other customers a few months after their demise. Daima will not only control how long Kenyans can decide to keep contact details of departed ones live, but also control on what happens next.

According to Safaricom, Daima service stands to address concerns faced by people travelling abroad for longer periods of time, those going away to school as well as in certain careers such as military and police during training. They’ll now have a chance to keep their service active for a period ranging from 6 months to 2 years without having to top up. Additionally, people with multiple lines who want to keep them active can as well use this feature and forget about the need to top up every now and then.

As per the Communications Authority regulations, a customer needs to have used a provider’s service within the previous 90 days to be considered as active. Telecommunication operators are required to reissue inactive customer lines. Additionally, services such as car tracking can also utilize this service without facing the 90days snag.

Daima (keep line active) packages

The service will offer three packages starting from KSh. 200 for 6 months, KSh. 500 for 1 year, and KSh. 1,000 for 2 years. Each of these options entitles a customer to 20 minutes calling time and 20 SMS across all networks every month.

How to access Safaricom’s Daima service

  • On your phone, Dial *100*4#
  • Then select Daima (keep line active)
  • And then follow prompts
  • You can also access through the MySafaricom App

N/B: This service is only available to prepaid customers, it’s yet to be known whether postpaid customers will be considered at some point.

How to enable and use Equity Bank’s Virtual Assistant – EVA to transact on social media

The covid 19 ripple effect continues even as more counties announce a post covid period where there aren’t any more cases being reported and at least enough measures have been put in place to eradicate the virus completely. One of these effects include efforts made by various companies to avail their services closer to consumers without requiring them to visit a physical branch. Equity Bank has gone all-in to tap on various social media platforms with EVA – it’s virtual assistant that allows customers to transact on various social media platforms. Eva is currently accessible on WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and Telegram.

According to Equity Bank, Eva Chatbot will improve customer experience by streamlining various banking processes such as paying for utilities including buying airtime, sending money to other accounts or mobile money, as well as accessing your bank statements. Both existing and new Equity Bank customers will have access to EVA anywhere and most importantly anytime through their social media of choice.

How to enable and start using EVA Chatbot (Equity Bank’s Virtual Assistant)

Top Bitcoin Mining FAQs- Answers To What You Need To Know

Though it is been 13 years of the creation of the first cryptocurrency bitcoin, the technologies it uses and the facilities it provides, amaze us till now. Such technology is bitcoin blockchain network which has a very important role in safely running the bitcoin network. A few questions and answers that are mostly asked are given below to thoroughly understand its role.

Top Questions About Bitcoin Mining- Answered

1. What does bitcoin mining refer to?

Bitcoin mining is the process of generation of new bitcoin units. The word mining generally means the extraction of commodities from the earth like gold mining. However, bitcoin is also brought out by the process of verifying or mining blocks of its network and that is why here also the word mining is applied.  So, bitcoin mining refers to the process of verification of blocks that result in the creation of new bitcoins.

2. What is the purpose of bitcoin mining?

In the bitcoin network the transactional data are stored in the blocks of Blockchain that is the actual structure of the bitcoin. The data are evenly distributed in all the blocks of the Blockchain as the network is a shared network. Once a transaction is initiated, the duplicated form of that transaction gets recorded in each block. While mining, the miner downloads a block and with the computational power that he or she is using to mine bitcoin, verifies the data of the block. Once they are verified, all the blocks save the data permanently.

  • After each successful mining, the miners get rewarded with new bitcoins. Thus, mining creates new bitcoins and brings them into circulation.

3. What do you need to mine bitcoin?

Bitcoin mining needs strong computers and electric power. In the early days, miners used to mine with regular computers or CPUs and as a result, the process was time-taking. But, nowadays, miners are using upgraded computers that are dedicatedly made for mining cryptocurrencies. The things you need are-

  • Competitive mining computers or mining rigs
  • Mining software
  • Low-cost but powerful electricity
  • Uninterrupted internet connection
  • Mining pool membership if you want to do pool mining

4. How much reward do you get from bitcoin mining?

The amount of reward or bitcoins you get from a successful mining is not fixed. As the maximum supply of bitcoin is limited, the protocol sets a pattern of gaining rewards and that is after every four years or after 210,000 blocks the reward gets halved. In the beginning, when the first block that is the genesis block was mined the reward was 50. In 2012 it was 25 which again reduced to 12.50 in 2016. And, in 2020 it gets 6.25.

5. Is bitcoin mining harmful to the environment?

Bitcoin mining is not directly harmful to the environment but, in the process, a huge amount of electricity is used which affects the environment by increasing its carbon footprint. However, the harm can only be considered when it is pool mining where a lot of computers are engaged at a time and the electricity consumption is huge.

6. Who is the first bitcoin miner?

The first bitcoin miner is Satoshi Nakamoto who is known to be the inventor of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. Nakamoto mined the first block of bitcoin which was the genesis block (block number 0) to start the network of bitcoin. By mining the block Nakamoto got 50 bitcoins as a reward.

7. Is bitcoin mining better than bitcoin trading?

Bitcoin mining and bitcoin trading are two different practices but, both are rewarding. However, bitcoin mining needs a lot of setup and investment initially whereas bitcoin trading can be started with a small amount by purchasing fractions of bitcoin. You can see bitcoin-profit.com start bitcoin trading and make some profit out of it by applying the right strategy.

8. Does bitcoin mining have a benefit to the bitcoin network?

Bitcoin mining has some benefits towards making the bitcoin network trustworthy to the people.

  • The mining process verifies all the transactional data that the users make in the network. Thus, the network becomes safer to use.
  • Data verification prevents the double-spending issue in the bitcoin network that is a vital problem with physical cash.


These are the common questions regarding bitcoin mining and the answers are given thoroughly. Hope these will help make a clear idea about bitcoin mining.

A Glimpse Into The Future: An Overview Of 5 Crytocurrencies

The mind-blowing innovation of cryptocurrency is not just limited to bitxtapp and ethereum but it has brought more than 18,000 other cryptocurrencies a lot of which have recently come under the spotlight. After 2009 when bitcoin was introduced, it started making fame rapidly and in a decade it became the most popular crypto in the world. Till then, bitcoin is seen as separate from other cryptos and the other cryptos are known as altcoins.

Stellar, Dogecoin, Binance coin, Monero, PolkaDot, etc. are such cryptos that have grown up a few years back and trying to make their names as profitable cryptocurrencies in the crypto trading market. People are showing interest in investing in these particular cryptocurrencies. So, it is now a crucial time to understand more about these cryptos. More information empowers you to have more meaningful strategies on trading these cryptocurrencies.

1. 5 Promising Cryptocurrencies To Keep An Eye On

Stellar is a decentralized open-sourced network that transfers digital currency to fiat money between banks, other payment systems, and people. It is a Blockchain-based protocol that maintains peer-to-peer or direct transactions of fiat currency and cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency that gets converted and transferred through the stellar network is Lumen.

Stellar is created to work in those remote places where banking services have not reached yet. Stellar network is currently working in so many places all over the world to develop the economy differently.

2. DogeCoin:

The second crypto in the list is Dogecoin that has a funny creation story. After bitcoin was created speculations were there spread around about the practicality of cryptocurrencies and that was the reason two software engineers namely Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer decided to create another crypto that functions better than bitcoin.

They started their work to make a joke about the issue of speculation. But, the work ended up differently and the cryptocurrency Dogecoin was formed on 6th December 2013 that has some better characteristics than bitcoin in some aspects.

Dogecoin is also a decentralized open-sourced network like bitcoin but it has unlimited supply at a very low price because it applies a script algorithm. The network allows peer-to-peer transactions between its users.

Dogecoin is famous as a tipping currency on social media platforms. It is mainly used by its supporters on social networking sites. However, in recent years, it is being popular as trading crypto too.

3. Binance Coin (BNB):

Binance Coin is another cryptocurrency that has recently become popular. It was created by Binance in 2017. Binance Coin is also based on Blockchain technology; however, still regarded as acrypto token. Initially, after it was created, the token was using Ethereum Blockchain but once its Blockchain, Binance Blockchain was introduced, it is now run on it.

You can use Binance Coin for trading, transferring, investment, loans, and also to give transaction fees in exchange platforms. You can also use this popular crypto for credit card payment, travel booking, entertainment purposes, etc.

4. Monero (XMR):

Monero is another cryptocurrency with a decentralized network. It uses a technology of distributed public ledger that provides ultimate security to every transaction. Your transaction through Monero remains confidential because the transaction amount, transaction addresses, transaction histories, etc. are not traceable.

Monero has an unlimited supply of its native cryptocurrency and it takes a little time for every transaction to get verified that is around 2 minutes.

5. PolkaDot:

PolkaDot is an interesting cryptocurrency that is based on the cross-blockchain method. Its network is created with multiple Blockchain that is interconnected. However, cross-blockchain transfers are done in the network without any interference from a third-party governing body.

The PolkaDot network is decentralized and facilitates one-to-one transfer. It is a unique and convenient network to use and thus for the last two years, this cryptocurrency is being preferred by people more.


These are the top five cryptocurrencies that are performing well over the last few years. You can use these cryptos for direct trading as well as making a diversified portfolio with your main bitcoin trading. If you are using the famous app Bitcoin Erafor trading bitcoin, you can also check the availability of these coins there. So, research more about these coins and start investing to make money out of them.

What Are Altcoins? The Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoin’s Affordable Cousins

The word altcoin comprises two words that are ‘alternative’ and ‘coin’. Here alternative comes in contrast to the most famous crypto coin bitcoin. So, altcoin means, all the coins other than bitcoin. Additional details https://btcrevolution.io/

Now, why the other coins are being differentiated from bitcoin? Some causes are there. Bitcoin is the first coin that started the era of cryptocurrency, or in another way, it is the innovation that introduced the whole idea of cryptocurrency to the world.

And, second one is it is the most valuable, rapidly grown-up, and the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Among all the popular forms of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is known to be the most popular one. When it comes to Bitcoins, it can never be comparedother coins.

After bitcoin, more than 18,000 cryptocurrencies are introduced. Ethereum is one crypto that has shown some good performance for several years. Due to this reason, sometimes Ethereum is also excluded from the list of altcoins and counted after bitcoin as per popularity.

Different types of altcoins: Altcoins are categorized into different forms with different utilizations. They are-

  1. Stablecoin:

As the name suggests, stablecoins are stable in terms of prices. Their prices are backed by fiat currencies or commodities so, the prices are defined by those prices and don’t change a lot. You can say that stablecoins don’t have as high volatility as bitcoin. These coins are good for new investors to trade safely with minimum risk. However, the profit is also low here.

  • Payment tokens:

Payment tokens are used for payment purposes between two parties. You can use these altcoins to exchange values with other users.

  • Security tokens:

There altcoins are crypto tokens that have the value of any asset tokenized in them. The asset can be anything like a stock, share, bond, or real estate. The value of these assets is tokenized and then the tokens are released to make them available for the investors. Investors buy these tokens to invest or utilize. The tokens must be secured and hold so that they can provide ultimate utility.

  • Utility tokens:

These tokens or altcoins are used for utility purposes. You can use these to pay for any service taken in any network or to give fees for the network.

  • Meme coins:

Meme coins, as the name indicates, are made having a sense of joke or silliness. You can take the example of the first and the most popular meme coin, Dogecoin. However, these coins sometimes have better performance than bitcoin such as Dogecoin can complete transactions faster than bitcoin.

  • Governance tokens:

Governance tokens provide you with some sort of governing power on the platform that you are using. Suppose you buy a coin, and now you have the power to vote for any decision or protocol that has to be taken or changed in that respective network.

Pros of altcoin:

The main positive thing about altcoins is they are updated versions of regular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Take the example of bitcoin cash. It is an altcoin that is created as a forked network with the help of the main bitcoin network. As a result, these altcoins are a better performer in many cases as well as potentially long lasting in the market.

Cons of altcoins:

  • The main disadvantage of altcoins is they are not as valued, popular, and liquid as bitcoin. Though altcoins are being famous recently bitcoin still captures most of the market cap of the crypto market.
  • Altcoins are not highly preferred by investors as well as companies for payment purposes. In investment, these coins are mainly used to diversify the bitcoin portfolio.
  • Altcoins are not well categorized or distinguished by their roles. Defining the various roles of different altcoins is difficult. So, understanding them is also difficult.

Conclusion: Nowadays, altcoins are used for trading by so many investors. You can see that there is a sudden growth in several altcoins from a few years back. So, they are becoming popular little by little. Most of them are used to diversify a bitcoin portfolio. You can also buy some in http://bitcoin-prime.app/nl/platform. As altcoins are expected to have a better future investing in them now can be a good decision.