How to Tell If Your Samsung Phone Is Genuine: A Guide for Consumers

Counterfeiters are getting better at making fake gadgets that look just as real, there is now increased danger of buying a fake one if you are not careful. Considering the substantial investments, we make when we purchase devices, I know how crucial it is to verify if electronic devices are genuine or not – particularly smartphones. So, here’s my complete guide on how to identify whether your Samsung phone is authentic:

Checking Authenticity Through Built-in Diagnostics

Diagnostics Tool Method:

You can use the diagnostics tool that comes with your Samsung phone to verify its authenticity. Take these actions:

  • Open the Phone Dialer: First, launch the phone dialer on your Samsung device. This is usually represented by an icon that looks like a green telephone receiver.
  • Enter the Code: Dial #0# into the keypad and press call.
  • Look at the Response: If you see the diagnostic tool quickly, it means that your phone is genuine. Galaxy smartphones from Samsung have this diagnostic function to check if the device works properly. If there is no appearance of or suspicion about a tool, it could be fake.

Verifying Authenticity with IMEI

One more technique is to verify the phone if fake or original using International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of your Samsung. This is how you can proceed:

  • Access the Dialer: Launch the dialer app on your Samsung phone.
  • Enter the Code: Input *#06# into the keypad and press call.
  • Check the IMEI: A pop-up box will show instantly with the phone’s IMEI and serial numbers.
  • Cross-Check with Packaging: Verify the IMEI shown on your phone by comparing it to the IMEI printed on the original packaging. If they differ, then probably your device is fake.
  • Online Confirmation: For more confirmation, go to and type in your IMEI number. Make sure the model’s name, number and details about your device shown on this website match with what’s given on its packaging. Any differences might suggest a fake device.

Taking Action Against Counterfeit Purchases

If your doubts are verified and you find out that your Samsung phone is indeed counterfeit, don’t worry. What can be done now?

Attempt a Return: Contact the seller and request for a full refund. There is no assurance of success, but you could try to get back your money.

Notify the Authorities: Let the concerned authorities, which involve police and actual brand owner, know about this fake sale. By giving them specific details, we can stop others from getting deceived in similar ways.


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