How to Buy Anything on M-Pesa and Pay Later with Faraja – The Ultimate Guide

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I have some news to share with you that will surely make your life more convenient and enjoyable. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to make a purchase but didn’t have cash at hand?. Perhaps you couldn’t resist a tempting offer at the mall while waiting for your salary? Well fret not as Safaricom has come to your rescue!

Safaricom the telecommunications company in Kenya has introduced a new service called Faraja. In Swahili Faraja translates to “joy “. Thats precisely what this service aims to bring into your life. Faraja offers a zero interest credit facility that allows you to purchase items up to Sh100,000 through M Pesa and settle the payment later. Yes you heard it right, zero interest, no hidden fees and no obligations.

How Faraja Operates

Curious about how it works? It’s straightforward. You simply need an M Pesa account and access to a merchant that supports Faraja transactions. These merchants can be found at locations like Naivas Supermarket, Goodlife Pharmacy, City Walk and more. Just scan the QR code, at the counter input the desired borrowing amount confirm using your M Pesa PIN. And there you go! You’ve made a purchase without straining your finances.

To access the services offered by Faraja customers have two options. You can choose to either opt in by dialing *799# to make a direct payment. Another way is to use the Faraja mini app within the M PESA Super App. With Faraja customers can buy items at once within their credit limits ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

Customers have a 30 day window to repay the loan either in installments or as a lump sum. Checking your balance and repayment history is easy using the Faraja app or by dialing *234#.. Your credit score remains unaffected by using Faraja – a win win for all.

Faraja stands out in the mobile loans market for its impact. Unlike Fuliza that incurs overdraft fees with each use or other apps that flood you with messages, for payments Faraja maintains fairness and friendliness without high interest rates and hidden charges. It’s an trustworthy choice.
Faraja represents a partnership between Safaricom and EDOMx a fintech firm specializing in digital solutions for both merchants and consumers. Through research they discovered a significant demand for this service on a global scale particularly in Kenya where many individuals have limited access to banking services.

Why hesitate? Take the leap. Experience Faraja today to witness firsthand how it can enhance your shopping journey,yYou won’t regret it.. Remember to share the excitement of Faraja with your friends and family too. Spread the word, about Farajas benefits!


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