Lipa na Bundles: How to Pay for Utility Bills and Shopping Using Safaricom’s Lipa na Bundles Service

Are you one of the lucky individuals who have Wi-Fi access at both home and work? If so, you’re in for a treat with Safaricom’s fantastic Lipa na Bundles service. Say goodbye to those unused data bundles that never seem to expire because Safaricom has a solution that will put them to good use. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative service and discover how you can maximize the value of your surplus data bundles.

Lipa na Bundles, brought to you by Safaricom, is a groundbreaking service that empowers customers to utilize their unused data bundles as a form of payment. No more fretting over idle data bundles! This service offers an alternative utility that will transform your unused data into something practical and worthwhile. Whether you’re looking to make Buy Goods or PayBill transactions, Lipa na Bundles has got you covered.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of accumulating data bundles that seem to have no expiration date. They’re like those leftovers in your fridge that you keep pushing to the back, forgetting about them. Safaricom understands this struggle, which is why they’ve introduced Lipa na Bundles. It’s time to convert those neglected data bundles into something valuable and make the most of what you have.

To use Lipa na Bundles for payments, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Make Sure You’re Eligible Before you dive into the world of Lipa na Bundles, ensure that you have non-expiring data bundles. Unfortunately, bundles purchased for a specific period, like 7 days or a month, won’t be eligible. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you navigate through this.

Step 2: Access the Lipa na Bundles Menu To enter the Lipa na Bundles realm, simply dial the USSD code *544*34# on your Safaricom MPESA line. This mystical code will grant you access to the Lipa na Bundles menu, where wonders await.

Step 3: Choose Your Payment Option Once you’ve entered the code, behold the options that materialize before your eyes. Take your time to select the option that suits your needs best by entering the corresponding number. It’s like picking your favorite dish from a sumptuous menu. For Buy Goods, choose option 1; for Pay Bill payments, go with option 2.

Step 4: Enter Pay Bill Details Now it’s time to get down to business. Enter the details of the specific Pay Bill or Till number you wish to pay. Be cautious and ensure that you enter the correct information to avoid any mix-ups along the way.

Step 5: Input the Amount Put your mathematical prowess to the test! Input the amount you want to pay, such as KES 100. It’s like a mini mental exercise that keeps your brain sharp.

Step 6: Confirm or Decline Hold your horses! Before proceeding, you’ll see the amount of data that will be deducted from your surplus bundles. It’s a sneak peek into the digital world. Now you have the power to confirm or decline the transaction. The ball is in your court!

Step 7: Confirm Your Payment Take a moment to review all the information you’ve provided. Double-check for accuracy. If everything looks good, go ahead and confirm the payment. You’re on the path to payment success!

Step 8: Enter Your Unique PIN It’s time to unlock the treasure chest. Enter your unique PIN to authorize the transaction. Safaricom calls it a “Service Pin.” Keep it safe, like a valuable secret that only you know.

Step 9: Deduction from Lipa na Bundles Congratulations! You’ve successfully authorized the transaction. Now watch as the specified amount of data bundles required to cover the payment magically disappears from your non-expiring data balance. Poof! It’s like a digital vanishing act.

Step 10: Payment Confirmation Sit back, relax, and wait for the payment confirmation to arrive. In no time, you’ll receive a message confirming the successful completion of your transaction. The message will contain all the exciting details, including the payment amount and the Pay Bill number. It’s like receiving a digital receipt for your payment adventures!

There you have it, dear readers! Safaricom’s Lipa na Bundles service is your key to unlocking the potential of your unused data bundles. Say goodbye to wasted data and hello to practical payments. It’s time to embark on a journey of convenience and innovation.


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