Airtel Kenya Launches Airtel Premier: The All-in-One Mobile Plan with Unique Benefits

Airtel Kenya, the telecommunications company, has introduced a fresh mobile plan known as Airtel Premier. This product enables customers to purchase a combination of mobile units that include data, SMSs, and voice minutes all in one bundle. The offering presents distinct benefits, setting it apart from other competitive products, such as three different choices for each plan, free calls within the Airtel network (Airtel to Airtel), as well as the ability to carry over unused bundles into the following month for use.

In contrast to Safaricom’s All-in-One bundle, where you have a set choice, Airtel Premier allows customers to select the bundle that fits their requirements. For example, if a user makes many calls but does not frequently use data, they may opt for selecting a plan that emphasizes call minutes. On the other hand, if they favor data more than minutes for calling, then purchasing a plan focusing on data usage would be suitable for them. This flexibility provides customers with the opportunity to customize their mobile plans according to their unique requirements, rather than being obliged to accept a uniform plan.

Airtel Premier also presents the benefit of free Airtel to Airtel calls. This means that when a user makes a call to another network, their minutes will only be used up then. This is beneficial for those who frequently communicate with other Airtel users because they can utilize their bundled minutes in other ways.

Additionally, Airtel Premier bundles are rollover-friendly. This means that if the customer does not completely utilize their bundled minutes within a month, those remaining units will not vanish and can be carried forward for use in the coming months. For instance, if you have a large number of minutes left over from your current Premier bundle at the end of this month because they were not all used up yet, they wouldn’t disappear into thin air when time runs out; instead, we’ll simply add them to next month’s total available amount for your convenience!

The introduction of Airtel Premier is a significant event for Airtel Kenya. It was declared there with important government representatives like CS for Cooperatives and SMEs Simon Chelugui. The government has shown strong interest in motivating telcos to provide cheaper mobile plans, so the unveiling of Airtel Premier can be seen as part of that effort. It also fits at this moment because many people from Kenya have expressed their dissatisfaction with how high telcos charge when they are roaming.

Airtel Kenya has also decreased its roaming rates, which is another big surprise from the company. People in Kenya who use mobile phones are probably happy to hear this news because they have often complained about the expensive fees for using a phone outside their home country (roaming).

Apart from the launch of Airtel Premier and the reduction in roaming charges, Airtel Kenya has provided more than KES 27 billion in Hustler Fund loans. This shows that it’s among the platforms used by Kenyans to obtain loans. The carrier is focused on helping Kenyan businesspeople and small businesses, understanding how significant mobile technology is for increasing financial involvement.

Airtel Kenya All-in-one Bundle Prices

10005 GB 600 MINS 600 SMS10 GB 400 MINS 400 SMS15 GB 200 MINS 200 SMS
150015 GB 700 MINS 700 SMS20 GB 600 MINS 600 SMS25 GB 400 MINS 400 SMS
200025 GB 1000 MINS 1000 SMS35 GB 800 MINS 800 SMS45 GB 500 MINS 500 SMS
300045 GB 1500 MINS 1500 SMS60 GB 1200 MINS 1200 SMS75 GB 900 MINS 900 SMS
500075 GB 3000 MINS 3000 SMS100 GB 2500 MINS 2500 SMS125 GB 2000 MINS 2000 SMS


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