Amazon Web Services to Train 10,000 Learners in Kenya to Close Cloud Computing Skills Gap

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the computing arm of the tech giant Amazon, has announced a major initiative to bridge the cloud computing skills gap in Kenya. The program will see AWS partner with the Kenyan government through the ICT Authority to train at least 10,000 learners from 10 universities in Kenya. The training will prepare learners for various careers in the cloud computing industry, including cloud administration, database management, AI and machine learning, cloud support engineers, cloud security analysts, cloud network engineers, cloud software engineers, cloud data scientists, and cloud architects.

The initiative was launched in response to growing concerns over talent poaching, which has seen skilled workers being lured away by international companies due to a lack of available talent locally. The AWS training program seeks to address this issue by empowering Kenyans with the skills they need to compete globally and support the growth of the digital economy in Kenya.

ICT Principal Secretary John Tanui expressed his optimism about the opportunities this initiative will create for Kenyans in the global digital space, enabling them to exploit chances available online and earn a sustainable income. Stanley Kamanguya, the ICT authority boss, emphasized the need to build a digitally-enabled workforce to achieve Kenya’s dream of a digital economy.

The training program is designed to serve both the public sector workforce and citizens who need to be trained on how to consume online services and utilize digital infrastructure for economic gain. Robin Njiru, the AWS Regional Lead for West, East, and Central Africa, also confirmed that after the training, the youth will be connected to job opportunities worldwide.

This initiative is a significant step towards addressing the skills gap in the cloud computing industry in Kenya and promoting the growth of the digital economy. It is a testament to AWS’s commitment to investing in local talent and providing opportunities for young Kenyans to participate in the global digital economy. With the skills acquired from this program, learners will be well-equipped to succeed in the rapidly growing field of cloud computing, both in Kenya and worldwide.


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