HMD Global Plans to Assemble Nokia Phones in Kenya, Offering More Affordable Options

HMD Global, the company behind Nokia phones, has announced plans to start assembling some of its devices in Kenya. This news was disclosed by Gopher Ogembo, Senior Business Manager for East Africa, who stated that the company is currently in the process of setting up assembly plants in the country in collaboration with local partners.

HMD Global has been present in the Kenyan market for almost six years and has been producing smartphones targeting various segments of the population. During its initial years, the company offered a range of devices, from entry-level smartphones to high-end models, but was unsuccessful in capturing the flagship market. Despite this, the company persevered with its strategy of reviving popular past devices with minor modifications to appeal to modern customers. Nokia has also continued to focus on feature phones, recognizing that there are still millions of people who prefer these devices for basic communication.

By manufacturing phones in Kenya, Nokia phones are expected to become more affordable in the country, which has been impacted by rising prices and a depreciating currency. Additionally, HMD Global has teamed up with M-KOPA to offer device financing options, making Nokia phones accessible to a broader audience.

Nokia’s announcement of the G60, a mid-range smartphone with 5G capabilities, underscores the company’s commitment to the Kenyan market. The phone will be available from Safaricom at a price of KES 65,000, and buyers will receive Nokia earbuds with active noise cancellation for free.

HMD Global’s decision to establish phone assembly in Kenya has positive implications for the country’s economy. The initiative is expected to create job opportunities and contribute to the growth of local manufacturing. It also demonstrates the company’s commitment to the Kenyan market and its intention to enhance the accessibility of Nokia phones for Kenyan consumers.


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