Zuri Health and Pharmaplus Pharmacies Limited Partner to Transform Chronic Care with Continuous Care Programme

mHealth app Zuri Health has launched its Continuous Care Programme, a service designed to provide ongoing support for individuals with chronic health conditions. The programme will be offered in partnership with Pharmaplus Pharmacies Limited, a Kenyan brand with over 50 outlets nationwide.

Chronic illnesses, such as hypertension and diabetes, require ongoing management and care. This can include follow-up appointments, drug prescriptions and refills, nutrition plans, and lifestyle changes. It can be overwhelming for individuals to manage all of these aspects of their care on their own, and Harvard Health advises building a team and coordinating care to effectively manage chronic conditions.

The Continuous Care Programme aims to bring all of these resources together in one package, offering patients increased access to appropriate medical resources, increased engagement with their own care, and enhanced communication with members of their care team. The programme also aims to reduce the need for frequent hospital visits and doctor appointments.

In addition to medication management, the Continuous Care Programme offers virtual check-ups and consultations with doctors, as well as access to the latest updates in medical research related to specific healthcare concerns. Subscribers will also receive regular virtual consultations with an in-house nutritionist.

To join the programme, individuals can simply go to the Zuri Health app and fill out a form, uploading their prescription. As a subscriber, they will have access to prompt and timely drug refills with delivery to their location at no extra cost, as well as a free pill box.

CEO and founder of Zuri Health, Ikechukwu Anoke, stated that the Continuous Care Programme is a “people-centred programme that seeks to cater to, and provide ongoing support to an individual’s health needs and desired medical outcomes.” The programme aims to transform the lives of patients with chronic health conditions by offering them a wider range of healthcare services and support.

Pharmaplus Pharmacies Limited CEO Vincent Marinai added that the partnership with Zuri Health allows the company to “better serve patients with chronic health conditions or continuous healthcare needs such as recurring medication refills.” With an impressive presence across Kenya, the deal aims to reach and service many clients, availing comprehensive and extensive healthcare.

The Continuous Care Programme from Zuri Health and Pharmaplus Pharmacies Limited aims to provide individuals with chronic health conditions the support and resources they need to effectively manage their conditions and improve their overall health and well-being. By offering a range of healthcare services, including medication management, virtual consultations with doctors and nutritionists, and access to the latest medical research, the programme aims to reduce the burden of managing chronic conditions and improve the quality of life for patients.


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