Zuri Health and Pharmaplus Pharmacies Limited Partner to Transform Chronic Care with Continuous Care Programme

Zuri Health, in collaboration with Pharmaplus Pharmacies Limited, has launched the Continuous Care Programme. This program is designed to support individuals managing chronic health conditions.

Living with conditions such as hypertension or diabetes isn’t easy, but the Continuous Care Programme aims to simplify the process. This includes managing medications, virtual check-ups with doctors, and consultations with a nutritionist.

To enroll in this service, users can easily join through the Zuri Health app. They have the option to upload their prescriptions, and subscribers will receive their medications promptly delivered to their homes, along with a free pillbox for organization.

Ikechukwu Anoke, CEO of Zuri Health, views the program as a genuine way to assist people in their daily lives by providing continuous support for their health needs. Vincent Marinai, CEO of Pharmaplus Pharmacies Limited, also expresses excitement and readiness to serve patients with chronic conditions across Kenya.

The Continuous Care Programme is a suitable solution for people dealing with long-term health problems. It includes aspects such as medication management, online consultations, and access to medical information—all of which make it easier to live a healthier life.


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