How to Stay Connected with Airtel Kenya’s Roaming Bundles in Over 20 Countries

Airtel Kenya provides roaming bundles to enhance convenience and connectivity of travelers while on the move. Roaming bundles allow subscribers with prepaid or postpaid lines to access telephony services when they leave Kenya. Thus, they can keep in touch with their families and colleagues at home or call any part of the world.

One notable feature of the roaming bundles provided by Airtel Kenya is the “Roam Like Home” data roaming choice. This option is open to both prepaid and postpaid customers and presents two alternatives; You can opt for One Airtel 10GB with a 30 day validity for KSH 1100. Select One Airtel 20GB with a 30 day validity for KSH 2100. To purchase these bundles simply dial *544#. Choose the roaming bundles section. If you exhaust your bundle data you have the option to buy another bundle or incur pay, as you go charges in case you don’t have a bundle.

One Airtel-PAN Africa bundle

Besides the mentioned bundles, Airtel Kenya has another nifty offering dubbed One Airtel PAN Africa bundle. It offers a way for travelers to stay connected in countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Zambia, Malawi, Niger, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Madagascar, Seychelles, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) India and Saudi Arabia. It comes with a range of options designed to suit different preferences and budgets with both weekly and monthly choices.

How to Subscribe One Airtel-PAN Africa bundle

In weekly bundle, you get 10 minutes of call time and 50 MB data for KSH 450. It is valid for 7 days. Biweekly bundle gives you 20 minutes of call time and 200 MB data for KSH1000, with a validity period of 14 days. The monthly bundle provides users with a total of fifty minutes worth in calling along five hundred megabytes (MB) from your internet usage at only two-thousand shillings (KES2000), all lasting thirty days before they expire.”

You can subscribe to any of these bundles by dialing their code: *544*954# for the weekly bundle, *544*955# for the biweekly bundle or *544*95*6# for the monthly bundle. Enjoy your trip and stay connected with Airtel Kenya’s roaming bundles.

Global Roaming Bundle

Airtel Kenya’s Rwanda-Uganda package is great for people who will be journeying to these two nations. The bundle gives you two choices in Voice+Data bundles and another two options for SMS+Data bundles, so it’s flexible enough to suit your requirements.

The Voice+Data bundles have 50 minutes call time and 100 MB data for KSH 500 with a validity of 5-days or they offer 100 minutes call time and also includes same amount (100MB) internet at price KSH 1000 which has around two-weeks validity. The SMS+Data bundles contain either fifty SMS messages plus one hundred megabytes of data for five hundred Kenyan shillings, and it is valid within five days; or there’s another choice that provides one hundred SMS messages along with equal quantity (100MB) internet costing you double rate i.e., one thousand Kenyan shillings having around fourteen days’ lifespan.

No matter if you want to make phone calls, send text messages or stay connected through data usage – the Rwanda-Uganda bundle from Airtel Kenya has everything covered. Opt for what suits your needs and remain in touch during your visit to Rwanda and Uganda.

How to Subscribe to Global Roaming Bundle

To sign up for one of these bundles, just dial the matching code: *544*952# for weekly bundle or *544*953# for monthly bundle. Have a good trip and stay in touch with Airtel Kenya’s Global Roaming bundle.

Rwanda-Uganda bundle

The bundle from Airtel Kenya, for Rwanda and Uganda is a good option if you are going to these places. There are Voice+Data bundles that come in two choices and SMS+Data bundles with two options too.

The Voice+Data bundles give you 50 minutes of call time and 100 MB data for KSH 500, which is good for 5 days or you can have 100 minutes talk time along with same amount (100MB) costing KSH 1000, this one lasts up to 14 days. When it comes to SMS+Data bundles they provide 50 SMS messages plus 100mb worth of data at Kshs.500 lasting 5 days, alternatively there’s another option where the user gets double what was previously mentioned with regard both text communication (100 sms) alongside similar quantity in terms of data allocation – all costing Ksh 1,000 valid over 14 days.


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