Bitcoin’s Blockchain: Advantages Of A Decentralized System

The most talked about topics in the context of bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency are Blockchain and decentralization. The whole internet is full of articles that express ideas about these two things. However, for newbies to the bitcoin market, easily understandable theories about them are necessary to make real understanding. Only a clear idea can make your interest more toward the great innovation, cryptocurrency, or bitcoin. For more details visit at

Bitcoin Blockchain and decentralization may sound difficult to newcomers who want to understand their fundamentals but, they are the easiest basic knowledge or technologies that have been adopted in the making of bitcoin. Everything about these two topics is given below in this article in the easiest way.

Overview of Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology:

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that records transactional data that happens in the network. It is an online shared networking system where all the users are connected. Each user serves as a node or block of the distributed ledger. When a transaction is initiated, the duplicated version of that transaction is broadcasted in every block. Here verification is done by the process called mining. Once the transaction is verified, the data is saved in the date of the block and timestamped.  A new block is also created in this process. That is how the Blockchain network is spread.

Advantages of Blockchain technology:

 Blockchain technology in bitcoin has so many advantages. They are-

  • Because of the Blockchain model the network is open-sourced. Anyone can enter the network and use it from any part of the world.
  • The network is open at any time 24*7. Here there is no timing regulations in time traditional banking system. So, you can use the network to transfer bitcoin in an emergency immediately.
  • The network is very secure. As it is a shared network, all the blocks share the same data so they can’t be deleted or changed.
  • The data also gets verified all the time a transaction happens and it adds an extra security layer to the network.
  • Moreover, the data of the blocks are encoded with cryptographic encryption which again is an extra shield of security.
  • Blockchain technology also makes the network the same for the whole world. If you want to carry fiat currency from one country to another you have to go through some territorial legal procedure. But, the bitcoin network doesn’t come under any territorial guidelines.

Decentralized system:

Decentralization means no centralized control. In the bitcoin network no centralized authority, bank, or government is controlling the network. It is completely free to transfer direct funds as there is no central via point.

Advantages of decentralization in bitcoin: Advantages of decentralization in the bitcoin network are-

  • The decentralized network provides the facility of direct fund transfer. It is the main benefit of a decentralized network. The centralized traditional banking system has so many regulations over their transactions due to a centralized guideline but in decentralization, people can have control over their own money so they prefer it more.
  • Decentralization also results in fast economic transactions. In the traditional banking system, international transactions take almost 2 to3 business days, and also many hidden charges over the transactional charge are also taken. But, in the bitcoin network, cross-border transactions happen in just 10 minutes, and in comparison to the value of the bitcoin, the transactional charges are almost negligible.


These technologies have made bitcoin convenient and so popular with the people. Investors are investing in cryptocurrency like mad. It has just become a trend now. You just have to find a reliable platform like and you can start your bitcoin trading journey. These platforms are good enough to make your bitcoin trading easy with various trading tools.


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