Key tea farming services at Kipkebe Ltd to be done by drones, thanks to Kenya Airway’s Fahari Aviation

There have been several controversies when it comes to drone ownership in the country, more so resulting from unclear legislation that is supposed to guide regulations in these sectors. However, this has not prevented firms like the Kenya Airways from exploring areas on how they can benefit from it. We’ve previously seen the responsible authority (KCAA) indulge various stakeholders in coming up with guidelines on using drone technology in Kenya.

Kenya’s biggest airline carrier – Kenya Airways though its subsidiary; Fahari Aviation has announced partnership with Sasini’s subsidiary – Kipkebe to introduce drone technology in major tea farming services. In the deal, Sasini is aiming at improving its precision agricultural services through use of drones in areas such as chemical spraying as well as fertilizer application.

Considering this would be one of the major areas that drone technology will be used, the move is specifically touted to benchmark the effectiveness of using drones in various activities within the tea farming industry. In case the deal is successful, we expect Sasini to roll out similar services in various tea farms that are within its umbrella, and possibly motivate other players in the industry to adapt the same.

As of today, high-capacity drones can be used to handle various farming activities in plantations that occupy more than 3000 acres of land. And while it would have taken several weeks for several works to complete these activities, the two companies are confident that a drone would easily handle the same within a week. Additionally, the two firms have indicated that this would in turn save on costs in fertilizer application to the tune of 50 percent.

Other advantages include better accountability of product supply as well as improved accessibility of tough terrains. The Airliner is keen on unveiling and implementing future aviation technologies and is part of the Fahari’s strategy of contributing to the sustainable development of Africa by championing new dimensions within the industry with the use of drones and unmanned aircraft.


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