Uber Kenya introduces UberXL in Nairobi, which can accommodate up to 6 riders in a single ride

Taxi hailing company – Uber has introduced UberXL in Nairobi, a service that is able to carry up to 6 riders at a go. Current Uber services include UberX and Uber ChapChap that can only have between 3 to 4 riders depending on the type of car. The new addition will basically mean, 6 riders can now choose a single ride, rather than ordering more cars for the same number of people.

According to a message send to customers earlier on Monday, people travelling in groups will now an option to choose Uber XL with a seating capacity of up to 6 riders, a clear upgrade over regular services that can have a maximum of 4 riders seated. This is specially expected to benefit various groups such as road trips, office meetings or even just travelling for leisure activities such as tourism.

And as expected, rates are a little higher than regular services with the company saying that customers will be charged from KES 390.  Uber is the most popular taxi hailing company in the country followed by Bolt and Little. We expect Uber to increase in popularity especially by tapping in the high-capacity taxi services segment.  

How to request UberXL for a group of 6 riders

The process is similar to requesting normal rides except, users will instead choose UberXL rather than regular services.  


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