How to purchase, use Telkom Kenya’s Changa bundle for up to 5 family members or friends

Sharing mobile resources with more than one phone number has been something that currently all local mobile service providers are really struggling to achieve, yet it’s a feature that most Kenyans are yearning to have. The service in essence should allow a single phone number to purchase bundles from a service provider and be able to allow different phone numbers on the same network to access it in a shared environment. And it doesn’t necessarily have to work within the confines of a family but even in a work environment or amongst friends.

Just recently, Safaricom introduced a feature that would allow its mobile subscribers to allocate part of their resources to other mobile numbers within its network. The new feature works for only data bundles and has since been extended to also include post paid bundles which were not included in the initial plan. The problem with Safaricom’s share data is that it rarely works. On some occasions it does work, but mostly it doesn’t. With Telkom Kenya’s offering, things might be looking up after all for those of us who have been looking for a more efficient way to purchase resources for a group of users. Additionally, Telkom is extending the service beyond data to also include voice as well as text messages.

According to Telkom Kenya, for only Ksh 1,500, a subscriber will get 100 GB Data, 200 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, and 200 SMS to be used across all networks. This is an interesting development, especially considering all the shared resources can be utilized within the telcos network as well as across external networks in the country. Subscribers will be allowed to share the Changa bundle with a minimum of 3 users and a maximum of 5 users.

How to use Telkom Kenya’s Changa bundle for 3 to 5 friends and family members.

The new feature will have a nominator (Main Purchaser) who will first buy the bundle, then set up a group with at least 3 and at most 5 members. The Nominator’s number is subscribed automatically. Changa Bundle groups will then be set up within 24 hours, Monday through to Friday, for Telkom customers to enjoy the service.

How to subscribe to Telkom Kenya’s Changa bundle

On your phone dial *444*4# to opt into this all-in-one bundle that has a 30-day validity with no roll-over option.



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